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May 16, 2009 07:33 AM

Downtown Miami May Update

Well, you may not believe it, but Pe Peroni is OOB!!! Seriously, they actually went out before I thought they would. I usually feel sorry for people when they go under, but in this case, not so much.

Went to Thai Angel the other day and it was too hot to sit outside, so we went in only to discover that they don't have A/C. I can't imagine how they will get through the summer. I hope they can survive.

We heard about a new Mediterranean place in the "hallway" next to the late Pe Peroni. Will try it next week (unlesss one of you already has and gives it a thumbs down).

Still enjoying the new salad place and looking forward (I think) to the NY Bagel.

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  1. I know of New York Bagel Deli from their North Beach location on Collins Ave. It is by no means genuine NY deli material by any means, but it's decent. Certainly better bagels than Offerdahls. No, that's not setting the bar very high.

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      The NY deli will be welcome since our only other option is Grunberg's.

      PePeroni was firing on NO cylinders from the get go. They never managed the place (bad food, bad service, bad managers), placed waitresses out on the sidewalk like carnival barkers trying to lure patrons, and opened steps away from Macy's corporate headquarters which is now closed and had zero'd out hundreds of potential lunch buyers at the first announcement in early February...

      I wonder at the too-too many pizza places opened or opening in the area. La Loggia is opening "Tre" on Flagler Street across from Marshall's and the former Navarre is a pizza shop as well. We did not like Ecco PizzaDisco at all, but time will tell if someone can come up with something healthy, tasty and ORIGINAL Downtown.

      We enjoyed Giardino's (the new salad place) the first few weeks and then sort of ODed or got bored with it. Their soups are served in tiny tupperware containers and the amount of non-recycled waste they produce is entirely counterintuitive to their "healthy" brand. We tried to talk to the manager about it and were told - basically - that as a chain restaurant they do as they are told. Perhaps it will take a "Super Size Me" moment like the one that shamed McDonalds (or the new Kentucky GRILLED Chicken) to remedy their dreadful plastic packaging situation...


      1. re: Frodnesor

        We did a taste test between Roasters & Toasters and Publix bagels just this morning. Publix beat R&T in the price war .69 cents versus 1.25 at R&T, however R&T ever so slightly edged out Publix for taste apparently and was lighter than Publix.

        What did we learn, go to Publix for bagels and get the Kirkland Lox from Costco.. R&T is robbery and with the rash of robberies in our area, I would rather not pay to get robbed, sadly I think authentic deli's in Miami Beach are extinct and don't you dare mention Jerry's.

        1. re: Frodnesor

          OMG! if you're talking about the New York bagel Deli in the Blockbuster shopping center opening up downtown I'm gonna die! That place is freaken awesome.

        2. Update on the update...Pe Peroni has reopened (same people) but with a different name. Maybe that's what was wrong with the place - the name was no good!!!

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          1. re: pilches

            Final update! On the way to Mezza for lunch we had to pass by Pe Peroni and I asked the gyrating hostess what the deal was. She said the name is the same (it didn't appear so on the menu) but the chef and menu changed. I'm still not going back until AG says it's safe! I guess they were only closed temporarily because of kitchen problems.

            And on a much more pleasant note, Mezza was delicious! Excellent Mediterranean salad and chicken kabob with grilled vegies. Portions were big enough to share. Only open two weeks but had their act together. People are very nice, too!

            1. re: pilches

              Pilches - you obviously didn't have the server who we had the misfortune of having today at Mezza.

              1. re: nikklos

                Iv eaten in Pe Peroni before and it is really really dirty and the food is not well cooked . I dont recomend this place to anyone .

                1. re: burbujas

                  Pilches et al>

                  Dining Downtown is challenging no matter where you live or work.

                  I have been following the impending opening of MIA at Biscayne, a 14,000 square foot "dining complex" under Chef Gerdy Rodriguez. The details are available on-line at the MNT including one of the BEST flame throwing by chefs EVER in the comments section here:


                  Seriously LMAO!!

                  I wonder how many of you are Downtown in the evening and if you linger after work or live in the 33131 area? What is your impression of the above post and the real needs of downtown diners? I am only a day timer.


                  1. re: advisor_Girl

                    Pilches DB et al,

                    June UPDATE -

                    The Miami New TImes did an excellent piece on the Brand New Puntino here:


                    1. re: advisor_Girl

                      Thanks, AG - will try to get there this week. It looks good, but I'd still like to see something besides Italian!

                      1. re: pilches

                        Irish Pub should be opening soon. They keep getting delayed with an inspection...

                        1. re: Blind Mind


                          Not sure you saw this but a customer of Fratelli Milano wrote a POEM about the place, took it to the Miami New Times and pushed it under the door - and the result was a funny restaurant post here


                          THAT is a devoted foodie...

                          Good to hear Fratelli Milano is open for dinner now. Hope the Downtown locals are supporting their efforts.




                        2. re: pilches


                          Not sure you remember "back in the day" when the Filling Station was popular in the arcade where Giovanna's (pre-LaLoggia) is located? Well the original Filling Station is back. I remember their burgers fondly!!!


                          Yum! (near Habibi Grill



                          1. re: advisor_Girl

                            AG, thank you so much for the update. I've been in NC for a while now and missed the whole Ode to FM. Too funny and too true. Sadly, I'm leaving here in a couple of days to return to the inferno (as I lovingly call Florida in the summer). Looking forward to the Filling Station's return. Did something go under or did they take over one of the empties?

                            1. re: pilches

                              AG, tried the "new" old Filling Station this week and was pleasantly reminded of the good old days. Actually, the owner is the brother of an old friend of ours which I had totally forgotten about. Burgers and sweet potato fries are still very good and so are the salads. Definitely a welcome addition to the downtown scene and not Italian. Not that I don't like Italian, but we do need some variety.