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May 16, 2009 06:59 AM

Playa del Carmen - toes in the sand

We'll be staying with friends in Puerto Morelos in early June, and will no doubt get down to Playa del Carmen a few times. We love the street tacos and other local stuff to be found away from the beach area, but I know we'll want to have at least one meal on the beach. Our past experiences at the beach places have found the food to be fairly dismal. Are there any places with simple good quality seafood, e.g. pescado al mojo (and margaritas, of course)?

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  1. Here's 3: La Tarraya, 2 blocks north of the dock. Lots of palm trees and tables in the sand. One of the old original fish restaurants, gets a lot of locals. Very reasonably priced. Next, the beach restaurant at the Playa Maya hotel is surprisingly good. Wait staff will serve you at the tables and chairs in the sand. It's between 6-8 sts.
    Further up and around the first point is Coco beach. One would take 26th st from 1st ave. They have a pleasant open air resto on the beach and food/beverage service to the tables and chairs in the sand. Most places (but not La Tarraya) charge a bit for lounge chair rental, but some waive the charge if you are going to eat & drink. Coco beach is the prettiest and best for swimming. While you are in Puerto Morelos, the grilled conch with garlic at the Pelicano restaurant near the dock is the best I have ever had, and their mixed ceviche is very good.

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      The Pelicano also does a very good breakfast, omelettes made to order and fantastic juices.

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        Very true, and for years, Larry (who built it) was the only one in town to do Thanksgiving dinner, with turkey and all the trimmings. It was a big annual event for ex-pats.
        EDIT: bronwen, I assume you are referring to the Pelicano hotel in Playa, not the Pelicano restaurant in Puerto Morelos.

    2. Not familiar with Coco beach but I 2nd La Tarraya and Playa Maya. The fresh fish at La Tarraya is terrific and you can't beat the price. I don't think the service is that friendly though. And to sit under the palms with your toes in the sand is a bonus. But I really love Playa Maya. The service is so friendly and the food is excellent. And the view is to die for as you enjoy your meal with your toes in the sand. Enjoy yourself wherever you go. I'm so jealous!

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        1. If you want a dinning experience try Cocina 38................WORLD CLASS FOOD!!!!!!

          ON 38TH AND 10TH OR 5TH Look on they rate it number two for Playa.