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May 16, 2009 06:42 AM

2nd Best on Metropolitan Avenue

My cousin wants to explore Metropolitan Avenue and we have already done Danny Brown (loved it!!), what is our second stop????

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  1. Go to Wafa's for some very good Lebanese takeout, or grab one of the 2 tables for a delicious meal, at great a search for Wafa's, lot of positive posts,...only negative is she uses lousy pita bread. It's just off Metro couple blocks from theatre.

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    1. re: janie

      Janie, didn't La Tavernetta move on Metropolitan? Are they still worth a visit?

      1. re: Cheese Boy

        Yes, they did. I should've suggested them, good call. I haven't been in there to sit and eat since they moved, but I get their hero's to go fairly often, they still make the best, grilled chicken, fresh mozzrella, tomato, shallot vinagrette (ask for extra), hero ever. They also make very good eggplant parm...thing is they raised their prices quite a bit on the entrees and fresh pasta etc---(sandwiches are still reasonable, and you get 20% off for takeout), and we've really had to cut back on our eating expenses with finances being what they are...but, I think they're hanging in there okay.

        I believe there some issues reported about service problems there, but I've always found the girls there very sweet and accomodating. They just need to get rid of the silly french maid outfits the owner has them dressing in now, between his tux, and their outfits, it's like a bad early 70's euro porn flick in there.

        1. re: janie

          New favorite dish is chicken breast paillard-butterflied chicken breast, pounded thin, grilled, then covered with a salad that has fresh mozzarella, avocado, mango. Mmmm... Prices have gone up, with specials making the biggest jump and desserts are now $7.95 They were running an early bird special of 20% off if you ordered before 6 PM weekdays (think that was the time) and still offer 20% off for take out. Oh and the French maid outfits have been gone for a while now :)

          1. re: GlendaleGal

            "Oh and the French maid outfits have been gone for a while now :)"

            Well, that's good to hear! Do you think their price changes have affected business at all? Did their move facilitate such a jump in prices--higher rent to substantiate more than a 30% increase?

            1. re: janie

              The last few times that I've dined, been there early & it's usually my table of four or maybe another 1 or 2 tables of two. (Early on a Monday.) I'm sure that their rent is much more than it was on 88th St in Glendale. The price increase and location change have definitely affected business. (Along with the economy.) We don't take in from there as much because it's further away & more of a hassle to park & run in than when it was on 88th Street. For last week's visit, many specials weren't available & it was only 5 PM. (My chicken was a little tough, but I'm hoping it was just an off night.)

              1. re: GlendaleGal

                Hey GlendaleGal, this is a late question, but any idea why they moved locations? I absolutely LOVED La Tavernetta when it was on 88th street, and I just visited it for the first time recently at the new location on Metropolitan. The food was still delicious (far fewer specials), but so much charm and atmosphere were lost in the move. It felt like...a weird combination between a pizza-by-the-slice joint and a jersey diner (atmosphere only NOT the food). The TV with the Il Divo (???) concert playing and the bright lighting and chrome just changed the mood of the very delicious meal from what it used to be. I've never lived near La Tavernetta and once walked (I swear) two miles with my boyfriend to get there only to find after dinner that I couldn't get a car service to come take us the owner did. I want that back!

                1. re: urbancowgirl

                  UrbanCowGirl, I have also wondered why Tavernetta changed locations. The owner had only done a big renovation and obviously spent many bucks to do so. (Wonder if there were landlord/lease issues???) Maybe he just felt the business was expanding sufficiently enough to warrant a bigger locale. Anyhow, I hope they do well. (Funny- that Il Divo concert was playing the last 2 times I was there as well!) The old location on 88th St is showing activity, but no signs to tell what's coming. Hopefully we'll get another little gem...

    2. I'm a big fan of Dee's, which I know gets mixed reviews here. I enjoyed Pampas Argentinas and Casa de Elian, too. I have not tried My Kitchen yet, but I very much want to.

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      1. re: Val55

        Every time we drive past Casa de Elian it's been closed, including weekend evenings. (Too bad, cause they had great potential.) I love My Kitchen, Chef Galik has had some mighty tasty fish dishes lately. Have not tried Pampas Argentinas. Friends have enjoyed it, but I think that $29.50 for a grilled skirt steak is just way too much!

        1. re: GlendaleGal

          Do you mean Pampas on Graham Ave. or is this another Pampas? The one on Graham recently closed.

          1. re: Juanita

            Pampas Argentinas is on Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills.

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