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May 16, 2009 05:12 AM

Clinton BBQ

I have heard mixed things about Clinton's. Any reviews out there? What type of sauce do they use?

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  1. Your post is confusing...the title says "Clinton" as in the name of a city. The post itself says "Clinton's" as in the name of a restaurant. You might get more, and better, responses if you clarify exactly what and where you are seeking information on.

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    1. re: carolinadawg


      How's this. Clinton Barbecue House, Clinton, Ga.

      I have heard mixed things about Clinton Barbecue House in Clinton, Georgia. . Any reviews out there? What type of sauce do they use?


      1. re: Wineman

        If you mean Old Clinton BBQ in Gray, GA, I haven't been myself, but a Google search brought up several reviews, including this one:

        "It certainly was excellent. Right up there with the top tier of the Lexington Six-Pack. It was more of an eastern NC style, though. The sauce was vinegar and pepper. Lots of pepper, so I liked it. No tomato at all. We got chopped pork. The meat was very good, with nice smoky flavor."


        "The Q and the slaw on the sandwich were very good. The Q is Pit-Cooked over hickory. Their sauce is vinegar-based tomato."

        Somewhat contradictory in regard to the sauce...sounds like an NC-style sauce either way. Maybe an eastern or lexington style. My guess is a lexington style...the first reviewer may not be familar with the thin style sauce with just a little ketchup in it.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          You right, my bad. In Gray, Ga.

          Thanks for the info.

          Someone was telling me they had Eastern Carolina sauce but I thought it might have been the tomato base vinegar sauce. Big difference. I just can't imagine Eastern Carolina in Georgia.

    2. I don't see much on Clinton Barbecue House.

      Perhaps you've seen these already (mixed like you said):

      The person who reamed it didn't sound like they are Carolina barbecue fans.

      If you go, be sure to let us know. I like to try new places, so if I get down south that far, I will go see too.

      1. I've eaten there many times. I have always had the pulled pork and the sauce is a vinegar based liquid. It's great - we buy the sauce by the gallon. And it's the real deal too! Try it, you'll like it!