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May 16, 2009 04:49 AM

good coffee in St. Louis

We're going to be in St. Louis soon with two young people from Seattle. They, of course, love coffee! Any recommendations of coffee places in St. Louis that are caffeine worthy? We're going to be all over the place, so any part of town will work.

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  1. I like Northwest Coffee It's a local outfit that roasts its own beans. Another local favorite is Kaldi's Let us know if they believe these hold up to the Seattle standards.

    1. Try Shaw's Coffee on (surprise!) Shaw Avenue on the Hill...backs right up to Highway 44 so it won't be out of the way for you, and the Hill is a great place to take out-of-towners for a little people-watching.

      1. Foundation Grounds in Maplewood would be good for your friends. They source their coffee from Goshen Coffee in Edwardsville who lived for years in the PNW and their coffee reflects that. Their coffee is great for the Seattlite. Now if you are really running around the area, you can go over to Edwardsville to their bakery/cafe 222 artisan bakery on Main Street. Then you can have some of the best pastries in the area along with the best coffee.

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          Second 222 bakery, now you got something to go WITH some great coffee(Goshen)!

        2. Pretty much everyone should tell you Kaldi's. They're the "Big Dog" in town as far as competition-grade coffee goes. They roast their own, and help sponsor the Midwest Regional Barista Competition. Also, they have quality baristas that place well in nationwide competitions. There's better coffee to be had in Kansas City, but that's as good as you'll get in St. Louis.

          1. Since I've never been to Seattle, I don't know what the standards are there. I do know St. L standards are low and we can thank Breadco for that. I know because I only drink espresso. However, there are a few gems out there. Kaldis has several spots (Demun is fun) and they make a good cafe/coffee spot. Inconsistent coffee though. Same with MoKaBee'
            s in Tower Grove. Love the spot, inconsistent product. Cafe Ventura in CWE tops the bunch with great outdoor spot, good food, booze if you like and well so on. Its a great spot. ... However, the best espresso for restaurants is Bar Italia. Superb coffee, perfectly made. The best coffee shop coffee is Coffee Cartel. Worst cafe around. They offer everything under the sun and are always understaffed. But...a great espresso. Good outdoor seating

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              Thanks for the recommendations, all! We are staying somewhat near the Demun Kaldi's but will be in the South Grand area, as well.