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May 16, 2009 04:40 AM

Thanks Frod

I did Yakko-San in Miami for the first time and your guide was great.

I would add the fried tofu in fish sauce, the eel egg omlete and the miso pork rib special as starred dishes. This is my new favorite restaurant in miami. Too bad I can't go to it often as I would like.

The desserts Japanese Sunday, Volcano and Ice Cream with Bananna Tempura were great too, if you never tried them.

Oh yeah, the curry is great there too. For those that don't know japanese curry is different from curry you get in an indian or thai place, it is a brown sauce.

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  1. Glad you finally got there - it's a special place. I also like the agadashi tofu; and curiously enough, tried the una tama tofu (the eel tofu omelette) for the time time last visit and thought it was great also.

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      Didn't you ever realize that Frod rhymes with God?

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        The more important point is that 'nesor rhymes with "fresser".

    2. spicy tuna harumaki, spicy tuna harumaki, spicy tuna harumaki...

      That's all I gots to say.