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May 15, 2009 09:25 PM

North Carolina Food, Drink, Product - Local

I am working on a cook out for media coverage online that is international.

I'd like to feature local products as much as possible.

Cheerwine is made here, so that's the drink. We also have local dairies for churned ice cream and local strawberry farms to top the ice cream off.

Now I am trying to think of other locals for the meat and side dishes or bread etc.

The closest town is Salisbury, NC. That is between Charlotte and Greensboro. Would like to keep it close enough to get some photos if possible. But, I think anything NC would be fine.

Not looking for freebies or anything. Just want to give a shout out to people in this area if possible.

All I have to do is cook out on a certain date. and write about it. Was menu planning in my head while trying to go to sleep. Thought of the local angle. Now here I am online when I should be sleeping.

I need to keep it fairly simple as it's a tailgater and need to carry it all in, but if I could get a few more local products, that would be nice I think. I just thought I could mention the company and maybe get a quote from someone at the company. So - looking for good stuff from this area if possible.

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  1. I think a trip to a local farmer's market would produce lots of possibilities. Specifically, some local producers include Grateful Growers for pork, Bird Brain Ostrich Farm, Poplin Farms for beef, Laughing Owl farm for chicken.

    1. Have you tried the NC Ag Dept.' "Goodness Grows In NC" page? It's a state program that recognizes NC-made food items. There's a link on the Ag Dept. website.

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        No. Sure haven't. Off to look at that now. Tks.

      2. As far as Cheerwine goes, Food Lion use to carry Cheerwine ice cream and Innes St. Drugs on South Main St. sells Cheerwine Fudge. Apple Baking Co. in Salisbury sells cake slices and other desserts. Lance crakers are from Charlotte. Smithfield ham is from NC. Nesse sauages is from NC somewhere I think. Of course, NC BBQ from Lexington area.

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        1. re: Tanglebriar

          Also, since Food Lion is from Salisbury. What about all the Food Lion brand products?

          1. re: Tanglebriar

            Hey. That's a good idea. I am always getting help from the meat guys at Food Lion across from the mall. Maybe I could get a photo talking to them. We've shopped Food Lion since back when it was one store called Food Town and the motto was LFPINC (-:

            1. re: CyndiA

              Lowest Food Prices in North Carolina. I remember those days.

              1. re: brentk

                Awww.....I'm humming the tune now.....

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                  WINK! I wondered if anyone else would know that.

            2. re: Tanglebriar

              As much of a strawberry lover as i am, i would use the strawberries for salad or something else and use Cherrwine syrup over the ice cream. Have you ever had it? Also, there is a winery in Lexington that is close by. I have never been there or tried it.

              1. re: Tanglebriar

                My son was hoping for a strawberry punch bowl cake. Would need to round up another cooler though. Haven't heard of the Cheerwine syrup. Do you buy that or make it? Tks.

                1. re: CyndiA

                  Cheerwine syrup is the syrup that they add to the carbonated water to make cheerwine. Until recently, you could not buy it . I had a uncle that worked there and could bring some of it home. You can now buy it at the cheerwine plant near Rowan Cabarrus Community College. It is so good cold over vanilla ice cream.

                  1. re: Tanglebriar

                    Oh. That does sound good. Will have to check that out. Tks.

              2. re: Tanglebriar

                Yes Neese's sausage and liver pudding are NC, but we have Corriher here in town. Not sure about grilling but maybe sausage in the baked (grilled really) beans. All this has to be road food for down next to the Yadkin River.

              3. For sure you will need hot sauce to cook with...Texas Pete!
                Whats a cookout with out some pickles....Mt.Olive Pickles!
                Both NC based.

                Not bad for a Yankee huh?

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                  1. re: JoanInNC

                    Thanks for all the ideas everyone!

                    Smile on the Yankee note. Yep. Good stuff you mentioned.

                    Anyone know anything about Carolina Bottling Company out in the country near Mooresville? I think they have blonde beer. Web page does not have much as far as details. Not sure if it's sold in grocery stores here. Will have to look.

                    1. re: CyndiA

                      I am pretty familiar with the brewery and would direct you to the following site for more information:


                      They produce more Mike's Hard Lemonade under contract than they do beer, I believe, but I may be wrong about that. Most of their beers are underwhelming, unfortunately, and the blonde is more of a gimmick than anything else. I know that you can get their beers in Total Wine in Charlotte and, I suspect, many of the grocery stores as well. Not sure whether they make it out to Salisbury.

                      If you really want to add a great local brewery to the mix, I would go to Winston-Salem and get some growlers from Foothills. They make a very nice range of beers:


                      1. re: brentk

                        I have mostly saints and not sinners in the fam (-: If you're small town Southern, you'll know what I mean.

                        My guess is that a 12 pack (or two to be sure) would do the guest list as it stands. Of course, on the Yadkin, I could make lots of new freinds with food and beer.

                        Spirits would not be my area of expertise. So, if you have an idea for something that would be NC or at least Southern, that would be great. I think I'll do a little Jack Daniels in the baked beans. I'm thinking mid afternoon so was beer would be the best pick - maybe. Open to better ideas of course.

                        Tks for the links. Checked those out.

                        1. re: CyndiA

                          A middle of the road, but good, North Carolina beer would be Highland Gaelic Ale, which is brewed up in Asheville. It is widely available in the grocery stores in Charlotte and the Triad (not sure about Salisbury) but you could also find it in the Total Wine in Charlotte just off WT Harris.

                          1. re: brentk

                            Harris Teeter in Salisbury tends to carry a good selection. I'll check there on that first. Would love to road trip it to Asheville. Hum. Thinking on that. Tks.

                            1. re: CyndiA

                              If you are gonna trek to Asheville, you can find many local brews that are better than Highlands (not that Highlands is bad by any means). Pisgah Brewing in Black Mtn. is VERY good and you wouldnt even have to drive the extra 20 minutes into Asheville.

                              1. re: jbplaster

                                Another shout-out for Gaelic and NC beer.

                                Please let me know if I can be of help with NC beer-related info. I maintain a website on North Carolina beer ( and would be thrilled to see NC beer be the showcase beverage.

                                Not to take anything away from Cheerwine, but with 40 breweries and brewpubs, NC is clearly the craft beer state of the South. (In fact, Asheville just tied with Portland, OR for Beer City USA in a recent totally unscientific online poll).

                                1. re: peetoteeto

                                  Thanks for the info and link. Nice site! I'll see what I can do on finding some.

                  2. I don't which part of the state you're focusing on but the Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Project's website has tons of information about local foods.


                    As far as local meats, you can't beat the Hickory Nut Gap Farm meats. They're even serving their local-made hot dogs at the minor league ball park here. Yum.


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                    1. re: Leepa

                      The basic theme is a Southern cook out. I'm from the piedmont near Salisbury, NC. I'm looking local, state, or southern in general.

                      On a side note, my family is originally from the Appalachian mountains - southwest Virginia.

                        1. re: oppland

                          Hickory Nut Gap, aka Springhouse Meats, is a little sloppy with their meat. Their beef needs to be aged. Their steaks look limp and slimey at the local Greenlife Grocery. It's tough and chewey. They're doing everything right except the ageing.