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May 15, 2009 09:02 PM

Whole foods in Darien-update?

Has anyone heard anything new about the Whole Foods that is suppose to be opening in Darien? I get off at Exit 11 everyday when coming home from work and saw that they were really quick to bulldoze the old HoJo's that was once there. So now there is a nice big, cleared lot. However, weeks have passed and nothing is happening. Has anyone heard anything? I thought the town of Darien had approved all necessary building permits etc... so why are they not doing any construction? Is it the economy/WF no longer have the money? I've been looking forward to this for so long, how much longer will I have to wait???

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  1. According to WF website "Coming in 2010":

    Plus, and perhaps even better, Fairway opening south of 95 in Stamford:

    " The Stamford Landing management shift is the second time privately held Antares ceded some operations or holdings to Building and Land. Last year, Building and Land Technology took over from Antares the 80-acre Harbor Point project in Stamford's South End.

    Construction is well under way on two office

    buildings in Harbor Point, which lies on the opposite side of the West Branch of Stamford Harbor from Stamford Landing. The 6 million-square-foot project is slated to contain a Fairway supermarket, hotel, condominiums, park, rental apartments, retail buildings and a private school."