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May 15, 2009 08:09 PM

Tap & Table in Emmaus????

Anybody know anything about this place. Saw an ad in the local paper about this gastropub opening in the Lehigh Valley but can't find anything online including their website.

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  1. It is located where the former Rumours/ Blackbeard's was just past the Trivet. The website is not up or functional. It is open but to date, haven't heard any comments. Plan to try it sometimes over this weekend.

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      I ended up going the next day for lunch with my daughter who loves beer and my wife who does not but fortunately they have wine as well. They had 6 beers on draft and 70+ in bottles. We split St Bernardus 12, La Chouffe, Avery Witbier and Sly Fox Pils drafts and then split a 25 oz bottle of Russian River Damnation. The beer prices are more reasonable compared to some other places I have been closer to Philadelphia. The food is upscale pub food - some appetizers, soup, salads, burger, sandwiches etc...The best was the mushroom foccacia. The staff was great, very knowledgeable. The place looks like a rustic old European pub with candles providing most of the lighting on the tables and in sconces. I will definitely be back.

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        I just saw this place as sounds like a dream come true...I cannot wait to go. Some of the beers they listed are just's about time we get a place like this!!

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      1. Just went a couple weeks ago. Will def. be back soon. The place is rustic and the food is very good. I had a beer cocktail and the husband had a few different beers. They had around 10 beers on tap and 200 beers in bottles. Live jazz music made the night perfect!

        1. The owners of tap and table have a website
          but make sure to click on the Bookstore link it's their speakeasy in southside Bethlehem. That place is great.