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May 15, 2009 07:54 PM


Several years ago, I read a magazine article about some local celebrity. The article mentioned that she was part of some, invitation -only, L.A.-Based Gourmet Society. I got the sense that one neede to be an accomplished cook to be invited & that the group met with some frequency to try the various cuisines of excellent restaurants. I've never been able to find more information about the actual name of this group or if it even still exists. I am still intrigued & would love to be a part of something like this! Can anyone shed more light on this for me? -JET

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  1. Not the one you are talking about but there is the Culinary Historians of Southern California many members who I'm sure you would recognize.

    I was a member for many years in its early days. Somehow my membership lapsed:


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      Thanks, It looks interesting, & I'm planning to join. I'm still curious about that other (closed membership) gourmet group if anyone knows of this. Ah, the draw of "Forbidden Fruit! -JET

    2. Anyone may attend the Culinary Historians lectures, you don't have to be a member. However they aren't a dining group, but a lecture group.
      I'm not sure which gourmet society you read about, but if it's invitation only...then it's invitation only.

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        Well, sure, but I can always aspire/conspire to earn an invitation..I'm just not sure where they are so I can get their attention/consideration? Talk about exclusivity!! -JET

      2. Thee are varioous private wine and food socities and I wonder if tht is what you are making reference to. Such as the San Fernando Valley Wine and Food Society. They are hard to get in to (by invitation only) and you better be a wine collector and knowledgeable about same.

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          Thanks, Hugh, are you involved with any of these? Is the San Fernando Valley one the only one you are aware of?

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            I was a member of the SFV Wine and Food Society. They hold several black-tie affairs a year and have a membership cook once a year. Great group of guys. I dropped out when my closest friend who brought me into the group because of failing health dropped out. They will pick a mmembe to selct a restaurant and plan a menu with wines. They then do several trial dinners before inviting the entire embership to the dinner. It's a lot of fun and great people. There is also a Los Angeles Wine and Food Society. I think there may be more but those are the two I am aware of.

        2. There is the Wine & Food Society of Southern California, the oldest wine and food society on the West Coast. Men only, several black tie dinners at various restaurants and clubs in Southern Califorrnia, with wines from the Society's cellar. One dinner a year "with the ladies,' often at the California Club or the Jonathan Club. Also a member-cooked dinner (no black tie). Tremendous fun and a swell group of guys.

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            We used to smoke the best cigars also. Larry Levine of Monty's Steakhouse in Woodland Hills always had a great supply.

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              The Wine and Food Society is by invitation through a member only. In other words, inbred.

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                You do need to be proposed by a member, seconded, and approved by the Board. Just like any private club.

            2. Folks, we're asking everyone to get this discussion back on track. We're not the place to create a new gourmet club, or to critique the bylaws of existing clubs.

              If you're interested in creating a new club, please see our guidelines for meetup organizers and take that discussion off line. Thanks.