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May 15, 2009 07:40 PM

All inclusive (hotel, dinner) get away

Is anyone aware of a high quality restaurant that is based in a hotel in Montreal or has a partnership with a hotel? I'm looking for a wedding gift for a couple and was hoping to get a combined deal with a hotel and restaurant in Montreal for a get away. I've left it a little late to coordinate gift certificates between multiple venues.This couple (and us too) have enjoyed many good Montreal restaurants (Toqué, Lemeac, Ariel ...)

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  1. A few choices would be Le Germain and its restaurant Laurie Raphael, Le St. Paul and Vauvert, Hotel Place d'Armes and Aix. Even the Sofitel and its restaurant Le Renoir would be a possibility. Mixed reviews lately of Bronte (at the Meridien) but that's also an option.

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      1. re: carswell

        I knew there was at least one I was forgetting!

        1. re: cherylmtl

          Some great ideas I wasn't aware of. I forgot that there was a Montreal location for Laurie Raphael, which was my top choice if I was going to do the gift for Quebec.

          Is there anyone with recent experiences at the above. I searched the board, but there were minimal detailed replies for XO, Aix, Vauvert.

    1. How about the Meridian on Sherbrook with Bronte? Lots to do around there too with the Musuems.

      Brontë was awesome when I went last month!

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        Didn't I mention that in my first post? Although, if you read this board, you may find that your awesome experience at Bronte was definitely not the norm for recent visits.

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          Yeah, one of the worst meals I ever had in Montreal was at Bronte, and it was really pricey.

      2. What about Saint Gabriel?
        I forget which hotel this auberge connects to but the food is amazing!

        (So is the cost. Do you have plump pockets?)

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        1. re: Paphos.SK

          Looking upscale, always with an eye to value price ratio, but generally price not an option.

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            its hard for montrealers to give opinions on hotels so i would check out comments on tripadvisor site to be sure. I have eaten at sofitel and had drinks and snacks at st james and both were wonderful but that was awhile ago. I know celebrities stayovers and some society wedding receptions have taken place at st. james hotel and for a romantic occasion i would rather stay in old montreal than uptown such as sofitel or st germain.......

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              Quick report back - I ended up purchasing a beautifully packaged $500 value gift certificate offered by the St. Germain for a one night stay with a 5-course tasting menu at Laurier Raphael and breakfast the next morning. It seemed too good to be true...and unfortunately it was. My friends finally used it for the Valentine's Day weekend last month. The hotel/restaurant did not honour the 5-course promise and they were given the choice of three courses or paying more seven. The service was abominable - half hour wait at the table before they were even spoken to. The next day at breakfast, there was another half hour wait while they washed enough plates to be able to serve breakfast. Quite disappointing to hear this feedback from a treasured friend.

        2. You missed Saint-Sulpice and 'S' in Old Montreal

          And if you wanted to, you could stay at the InterContinental and marry it with Toqué across the street.

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          1. re: buzz_sapien

            While one of the worst meals souschef may have had in Montreal was at Bronte, one of the worst I ever had was at the "S" - I would never, never, never recommend it to anyone. Raw pickerel, anyone? (yes, it was supposed to be cooked... and that was only one of many many problems)

            1. re: cherylmtl

              cheryl, you just reminded me about raw lobster at Bronte - it also was supposed to be cooked.

              I was wondering - why does the OP want to be restricted to a hotel for both lodgings and food. Why not pick a good hotel and a great restaurant? Intra-city travel is cheap.