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May 15, 2009 05:48 PM

Bistro Le Crillon/Newport Beach

Many thanks ..many.many thanks...I read about it on this board and took my mother there for a belated Mother's Day dinner. What a gem! From the gracious host to the innovative menu, I mean, elk with chestnut puree, wild boar pappardelle, cassoulet, not to mention Dover sole, fresh asparagus soup and a real treat, some of their homemade, not on the menu, wild boar pate.

And I loved the wine glasses. I loved the whole place.
(had the elk, my mother had the pappardelle, we had the prosciutto with melon drizzled with sauterne, the roasted dates with pancetta, and split a Grand Marnier souffle--oh, champagne toast and a lovely bottle of Amarone).

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