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May 15, 2009 04:25 PM

Ouisi Bistro

Has anyone been? I did a search but only one post came up. If you have been, was it true to New Orleans in the food? Thanks!

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  1. Hey ck, I've been a couple of times but only for brunch. Our legal counsel swears by it, however, FWIW.

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    1. re: grayelf

      I just found it exciting when Island Girl mentioned this in another post. I had no idea there was this type of food here in Vancouver...but...I want it true cajun/creole if I go! New Orleans is one of my fave spots EVER for food!

      grayelf: Are the legal counsel comparing it or they just like it?

      OOPS - I forgot to put Vancouver in the title too...sorry!

    2. Well I've never been to NO but I like the food there. great room, nice patio out back. Love all the jazz pics on the walls.

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      1. re: starlady

        I think he knows NOLA food as he is very well traveled and a bit of a gastronome. I have no clue if it's remotely authentic as I've never been to New Orleans (it is tops on my list of gastro-destinations right now in light of all the chow activity post Katrina -- I believe I heard there are more restos now than before the disaster).

      2. We eat there quite regularly as it's our neighbourhood spot (the chicken & duck sausage gumbo is fabulous), but unfortunately I've never been to New Orlean's so I can't really say whether it is authentic or not. The menu is divided into Creole food one one side and Cajun on the other, with a selection of small and large plates in both. I don't think we've ever had a bad meal there. They do live jazz later in the evening so it turns into more of a lounge than a restaurant after about 9pm or so, at least on the weekends. Service is prompt and they make everything fresh on site so they are very good with allergies, etc. Wine & beer selection is good too and well priced (the beer particularly is always fresh and well poured). And they do several special offering/festivals throughout the year (crawfish festival, gumbo festival, etc). Portions are large for the price point. Hope that helps.

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        1. re: islandgirl

          Thanks everyone. I'll check it out. For now though, I just dug out Emeril's "Shrimp Etoufee" recipe & have given myself something to do for dinner!

          This was a great post-Katrina show about NOLA & food by Mr. Bourdain if you're interested.

        2. My instinct is to avoid a "cajun creole" resto in Vancouver by no less than one country mile. And looking at their menu online (google it), seeing they don't even have bloody RED BEANS AND RICE on the menu tells me that my instincts are right again.

          I said it before and I will say it again: Canada does not have a clue how to do American regional food and should stop trying. This is an insult.

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          1. re: John Manzo

            Well, cajun food is part Acadian, which is from NB & Nova maybe those parts of Canada do that food well. I don't know...I don't even know what AB does...

            I did look at the menu, and yes, it makes me wonder, but they may do their cajun/creole dishes well...or not...there's lots of arguing about the food too - like etouffee: roux or not, tomatoes or not, etc...

            If they do a good gumbo with andouille & serve alligator too, maybe it's worth a try! I never ate alligator in NO, but I will when I go back next!

            1. re: John Manzo

              I suspect you are right about Ousi. (I haven't been).

              There is one place that serves the closest you'll get to cajun/creole here: . Big Al is from Louisiana and used to run the original Big Al's in deep East Van - a real hole-in-the-wall that served gumbo, jambalaya, etc. He re-opened right downtown after a bit of hiatus.

              Not all the dishes are good/authentic (eg the ribs, po boys, etc.), but the gumbo, red beans & rice and jambalaya tasted real enough. His fried chicken is apparently very good too...though I didn't get a chance to try it before he closed the old place.

              His new menu seems to cater to the downtown crowd a bit (eg the addition of pasta dishes, etc.). I hope he didn't dumb down the signature dishes. I have yet to try it out, so no reports on authenticity or worthiness from me.

              1. re: fmed

                The thing is- red beans and rice is DEAD EASY. Yet I have yet to find it on the menu in Canada. There was a horrible place by Honest Ed's in TO that claimed to be "southern," and they had the gall to serve red beans with.... PASTA. I kid you not.

                Add to that the utter, comtemptible joke that is (I have to prepare to throw up a little in my mouth as I type this)... "Peter's Cajun Creole Pizza" also in TO. Not a single menu item even REFERRED to "cajun," but there it was.

                We're no better off in Cowtown. There was a "cajun" place in Eau Claire Market that did a passable muffulleta, but that was it. Complete joke.

                Like I say, this is about all American regional and not just Louisiana. Of course, poutine (for example) is as rare as hen's teeth in the states, and they've never heard of ginger beef or the bloody Caesar.

                1. re: John Manzo

                  "There was a horrible place by Honest Ed's in TO that claimed to be "southern," and they had the gall to serve red beans with.... PASTA. I kid you not."

                  Southern Accent on Markham St. perhaps?

                  And how do you think those of us who live in T.O. feel about the lack of really good Amercian regional food (boo hoo)? Best Mexican I had was in Calgary!

                  1. re: John Manzo

                    The Best of New Orleans restaurant in Okotoks, AB. has Red Beans and Rice on the menu. I haven't been to New Orleans so I can't verify the authenticity, but it was very tasty.
                    Note, when you look at the menu you have to click on the first page to get to the second page with the entrees

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      broken city has red beans and rice on their with that what you will :)

                2. The original comment has been removed