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May 15, 2009 03:26 PM

Help! Where can I buy Kinder Bueno?

Can be anywhere in NYC or Long Island (Nassau). Thanks!!!

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  1. I've seen Kinder chocolate (Bueno, Kinderjoy. etc.) all over Italian delis. Some carry more than others. Do a search on Italian delis in Nassau County or Manhattan and then call. Manero's Hero Boy and Balducci's in NYC may have them. Also - try Little Italy in Manhattan as well. Oh - another good place to look - Whitestone. Closer to you than NYC and lots of great Italian shops all over there too!

    1. believe it or not, those are found in pretty much all the typical delis in midtown or all over manhattan, mostly the by-the-pound-type places, the korean groceries. you can easily find them next to the mini-packs of ferrero rocher or other euro-type candies. specifically, it's at cafe 28 (a corny deli on 5th avenue at 28th street) and at au bon gout (same type of crap, the korean by-the-pound places) on 5th ave also and 30th. I've also seen them at those quasi-organic markets like amish market, garden of eden, etc.

      the kinder stuff is also found in many russian shops, the type that has smoked fish and meats in the cases and also nuts, dried fruit and candy by the pound, as well as lots of candies and canned goods; these are found all over rego park as well as brooklyn's brighton beach, and probably tons of places in between.

      love them hippos!

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        Oh those hippos are good! I've only found them when I was in Italy last summer. Gotta get down to Queens and Brooklyn this summer!

      2. Ive seen them in Bklyn Fairway.

        1. I've seen that brand being sold at the Brighton Bazaar, on Brighton 11th street, a block from the Brighton Beach train station. The hippos are delicious!

          1. I really want kinder surprise eggs. Where can I find it in Newyork. . Any one have any idea? Will really appreciate it.

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              you won't find them in the US at all. they're illegal here.


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                Thanks a lot. I know it's illegal here. But still people are selling it. I even found one in California . They are selling it online . So let see what happened.

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                I've bought them at Economy Candy. They don't have them all the time, though.