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May 15, 2009 02:52 PM

Tween bday dinner, loves sushi & japanese food.

Monday is my daughter's Eleventh birthday and she can have her pick of restaurant for dinner as a family.

She chose a sushi place that also serves japanese food like yakitori.

No specific places comes to mind. I am in West LA near Santa Monica and my husband works in West Hollywood. We'd like to either meet in the middle or closer to home.

It doesn't have to cater to kids so much as they make them feel welcome. I have a 6 year old in tow as well.

Any help would be appreciated!!
Thank you.

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  1. If Marina del Rey is okay, I would recommend Irori. They have tatami tables where you sit on the floor, which I think your kids would enjoy, and I frequently see children there so they are definitely welcoming to kids. The sushi and other raw fish dishes are good, and I know they have cooked dishes but I've personally never ordered them. I don't know if they have yakitori, in particular.

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    1. Just to name a few along Santa Monica Blvd in WLA;
      Yakitori - Nanbankan
      Izakaya - Sasaya, Terried
      Sushi - Yuzen, En
      Near Irori in MDR, there are Tsuji no Hana and Kifune. Also nearby (across from WLA Costco), Sakura House on Washington Blvd. My friend's tween girls like Musha on Wilshire Blvd in SM :-)

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        imho, the food at tsuji no hana doesn't begin to compare with the food at irori, it provides a far INFERIOR eating experience and it costs just as much.