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May 15, 2009 02:48 PM

Pho Minh or Golden Deli?

I'm not a very big fan of pho but my SO is. We're going tomorrow but need some help in choosing. She doesn't like the overpowering cinnamon flavored broth. Her ideal broth is a clean fragrant broth that isn't overly meaty. The quality, taste and texture of the tendon and beef would be my most important factor. Golden Deli seems to be the most consistently popular pho place in SGV and people rave about their egg rolls but they use MSG. Pho Minh has been getting a lot of ink lately from the LA Times and JGold review bounce. I've read the other posts about Pho Minh and exilekiss review of Pho Minh but just wanted some other opinions.

Where should I go? Should we be considering other places?

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  1. Go to Pho Minh. The pho yhere is just pure, beefy tang. I've never had pho like I did there. Golden Deli is good, but is part of the usual school of MSG and overly strong flavors. Going to Pho Minh definitely opened my eyes. It's good. If you don't like pho, they have some other options like a broken rice plate that I've heard is quite good. On top of that, the cafe sua da (Viet iced coffee) is also good IMO. It's not just the regular sweet, wham bam flavoring of other places. The coffee actually has some layers of flavor. Give Pho Minh a try.

    1. pho minh! order #2...golden deli's pho is blah

      1. My husband and I go to Golden Deli all the time--it's close to home, reliable, etc. etc. But from what you've said--you should definitely go to Pho Minh. The broth is clean and pure, the quality of the beef seems just fine. I love it. I'd take my husband there, but he'd just add a whole bunch of hot sauce to that lovely broth (like he always does at GD), and I'd cry. Or smack him upside the head.

        1. So...where did you end up going, and how was it?

          1. pho minh by a mile, get the #1

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              i think #1 would be too meaty given the non meaty request, and it doesn't have tendon