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May 15, 2009 02:15 PM

Chicken Joe in Cos Cob

I got off 95 this afternoon because of the traffic and noticed this place on the Post Road (Route 1) in Cos Cob. Anyone tried or know anything about it?

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  1. A rather fast down, dirty, and fast search fount their web site:
    Also in NR:
    Chicken Joe’s opened another store in October, 2005 in New Rochelle, NY, around the corner from New Rochelle High School and up the road from Iona College.

    When you walk into the store whether it’s in Cos Cob, CT or New Rochelle, NY there are lots of mementos showing community spirit, remembering a friend who has passed on, fund raising to help someone sick and for our troops.

    1. it used to be Garden Catering and has basically the same menu.

      1. it it just like garden catering, though these guys are the best personalities I've run into in the "italian deli" category. tasty fried chicken, great grinders/subs/wraps. delish breakfasts. my go-to list in g'wish is chicken joe's, rinaldi's, arcuri's.