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May 15, 2009 01:30 PM

Where to buy seaweed in Toronto?

Hello, I looked everywhere but I can't find a place that sells raw seaweed for salads.

I want to get big quantities of seaweed to eat as a salad. Anywhere around Toronto.
If you know any store or supplier or even wholesaler please post.


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  1. Try Japanese markets like Taros or J-Town (forget the name of the market there). Even T&T might have, though I think it's pre-frozen.

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      Sanko, T&T (any location) and PAT (any location) will all sell a large variety of dried seaweeds that you can soak to reconstitute. I've also found a few varieties in the health food section of Loblaws. I have a dried mix that's quite expensive that I've found in Korean stores, but it goes a very long way. It has several different types in the mix. I'm not a seaweed lover but my SO is. I've made a seaweed salad for him that he loves and prefers to the ready made mixes that you'll find in the freezer section of stores like PAT. They contain tartrazine, lots of sugar and tons of sodium. At least if you make it yourself you can control the additives, salt and sugar. The texture's also better.

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        I second the PAT. Their dried seaweed is way more affordable than what you'd find at health food stores.

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          P.A.T. has fresh seaweed preserved in salt as well as many dried seaweeds.

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            PAT is great. Excellent variety and flavors of dried seaweed very suitable for salads. Check ingredients as many of the dried and seasoned ones have MSG in them. Also the Lucky Moose supermarket in Chinatown sells good dried seaweed. I usually buy them in the square packs of 3. I especially am fond of the ones flavored with different oils inlcuding grapeseed and olive. The stuff is addictive and better than chips. In Chinese Medicine, seaweed is a kidney tonifier which essentially lenthens your life and supports your adrenals. So eat up.

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            Hi 1sweetpea,

            Greatly appreciate if you could share your seaweed salad recipe on Home Cooking forum. Don't think recipes are allowed here.

            Thanks kindly!

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              I will post it for you this week, when I get back home from my cottage. It's my own creation, but nothing earth shattering.

        2. I saw this earlier this week fresh at Big Als on Kennedy, inbetween Lawrence and Ellesmere. It was very expensive however.

          1. On a similar note, does anyone know where the best prepared seaweed salad is?

            1. I get mine at PAT in Koreatown (Bloor & Christie) to make Korean Seaweed soup - no complaints!

              1. If you can make the journey, Galleria Supermarket is a resource that must be experienced to be understood. Lots of bulk, prepared (and fresh looking) food staples like kimchi and wakame salads (raw marinated seaweed salads) in numerous varieties and flavourings. I was able to sample a couple and ended up incorporating some wakame into my dinner plans. Absolutely worth the trip.

                Galleria Supermarket
                7171 Yonge Street
                Thornhill, ON L3T 2A9
                (905) 882-0040

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                  When I gave my list of stores I couldn't remember the name of Galleria Supermarket, but it was foremost on my mind. I have been there twice and it's a feast for the eyes and tummy! I love the kimchi/banchan/namul bar. By allowing shoppers to taste the various offerings I'm positive that they sell a lot more than they might otherwise. I've discovered new faves there. They definitely have an extensive section of dried seaweeds as well. Sometimes, an attendant is churning out hot and fresh puffed rice cakes. If you're not a rice cake fan, try these. You might just change your mind!