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May 15, 2009 01:25 PM

Safeco Field - Anything new & good

Title really sums it up. Is there anything new and good at Safeco this year?

Or even changes for the worse? Or is it all about the same as last year....

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  1. i just moved into the area, and already have two games scheduled. i would love to know the best places to go for all kinds of food nearby safeco (not just stadium food)

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    1. re: Mike CP

      We eat in the ID and just walk down so Safeco Field. Favorite places include Green Leaf (Vietnamese), the Canton Wonton House (or something like that--right next to Shanghai Garden). Chinese is weak in Seattle, but Shanghai Garden is good as is Sea Garden. If we can make the schedule of the game work with their opening times, we love Tsukushinbo for Japanese. Steve and Jerry's hot dog stand on Occidental serves good kielbasa. I notice that Ivar's at Safeco has gotten rid of their salmon sandwich. . . . The sushi at Safeco is OK considering. . . . It is beyond me how anyone can eat the pizza or nachos there. . . .

      1. re: PAO

        Skillet is right next to Safeco pre-game too. I'm just more curious if anythings new inside. =)

        1. re: PAO

          I'm coming in from out of town and was wondering the same thing about food options in Safeco or at least near by. Can you clarify what the ID Is?

          I think I figured out my own question, Internation District?

          1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

            You are correct the ID is the International District, Seattle's version of a Chinatown, but has pan-Asian diversity, so not really "China-town".

            1. re: bluedog67

              Cool I appreciate the help. I'm looking forward to checking out Seattle.

        2. re: Mike CP

          Inside the park there is one hidden gem that's been there a couple of years - a fresh pasta stand called the Bistro in the semi-private Terrace Club. There is usually only one selection and it is usually a rotini with fresh vegetables with either a cream or red sauce. Not cheap at $10 last season but the portion is large enough that we can split it. Each plate is made to order so the line is long and slow so either get there early or well into the game and be prepared to wait. Don't bother with the salad or sandwiches here. Oh, and don't forget to tip the chef.

          Outside, I agree with pao, your best bet is the ID since most of the good sandwich places in SODO are closed by the the time night games start. Just remember, if you're bringing food in - NO DRINKS. Safeco doesn't allow you to bring liquids in the park.

        3. For a weekday afternoon game, can it get much better than a mixed platter from Salumi, which is not a very far walk? Of course you do run the risk of the folks sitting on either side of you wanting to share.

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          1. re: QAW

            Yeah, I know what's outside the stadium because, well, I don't go to ballgames more than I go to them. =)

            I was just hoping there was something new concession-wise this year. Food isn't bad in there, it isn't awesome. Heck, it's standard stadium food.

          2. I haven't been to the stadium this year, but I do recommend if you're into Beard Papa creampuffs you buy them from the location in the Uwajimaya food court rather than inside the park.

            1. I want to supplement my prior post about Steve & Jerry's hot dog stand because it appears that the nice man who has operated it for the past several years has suffered some type of serious health calamity. His wife is running the stand now, with him sitting nearby, but I don't think he's able to do much on his own. If you're in the area and are hungry, please support these folks. I think they're in need of all the business they can get. It's on Occidental across from Qwest Field, on its southern-ish edge. Red and white sign that says "Steve & Jerry's."

              1. For something different in the ID, try the Gyro House, 212 Fifth Avenue. We discovered this place yesterday. For $8.95 you can get, for example, a generous falafel platter, with several falafels, drizzled with tzatziki, a tossed salad, rice, pita, hummus, a few French fries, an olive and pepperoncini. The meat is halal.

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                1. re: PAO

                  Last time I tried it, they had killer tzatziki, made with thick, greek yogurt.