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'Superfoods'...I like my list better!

WebMD everyday 'Superfood' list..

Sweet Potatoes

Dr. Perricone's Superfood list..

Açai Berry -- A high energy berry from the Amazon
The Allium Family -- Garlic, onions, shallots, leeks and chives
Green foods including blue green algae, barley grass and wheat grass
Buckwheat seed -- More protein than rice or wheat
Beans and lentils -- High in fiber
Hot peppers -- Anti-inflammatory analgesic
Nuts and seeds
Yogurt or kefir

My Top Ten Superfood list..

Garlic, onions
Greens..salads with lots of stuff in them..anything green
Dark Chocolate
Bean & Cheese Burrito with rice/guac/cheese..smothered in hot salsa

If I stick to my list, I'll be one healthy chick..
What's on your list?

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  1. BC, my list overlaps with yours quite a bit.

    Fish of all kinds (but especially salmon), greens (!), garlic & onions, beans & lentils, chiles, rice, yogurt, berries, wine, and citrus.

    1. Oh, and açaí is a fruit from a palm, not a berry.

      1. Same as yours except change the wine and champagne for mixed drinks and add bacon! :D

        1. I would drop your oysters, champagne and burrito, make sure the wine is red, then add lots of blueberries and black coffee. And duck. Lots of duck Healthier for you than chicken and duck and goose are the only poultry I know of that are very good for your cholesterol levels. Bon appetite!

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            No hormones allowed in duck farming in the U.S., and few antibiotics and drugs are given. Also, since this is a less industrialized line than chicken farming, I think that helps keep overall quality up. Interesting history:

          2. whoa there beach chick; what about the captain morgan? ;-).

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            1. re: alkapal

              Easy there Sista alkapal..
              I walked the plank with the Captain a couple of times..but besides that, I consider that a Super Super Food!
              ; )

            2. Hey, I don't see pork (the other white meat) BBQ on any list!? Or lobster (the other other white meat) either. And beer? Fish tacos?

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              1. re: Passadumkeg

                fish tacos and beer..how could that not be on my list!

              2. mine:

                liquid: (red) wine, fab beers, bubbly, espresso
                fruit: avocado, all berries and dried fruits
                veg: watercress, 'tender stem broccoli' [look it up], beets
                seafood: (cured) herring, oyster and other shellfish, herring, salmon, herring, mackerel, herring, oily fish, herring.
                meat: lamb, ostrich, games, duck
                the rest: limes, quinoa, bavarian bauernbrot, vine ripen cherry tomatoes, linguine, garlic, foie gras, olive oil, 99% pure chocolate.

                that's about it.

                1. Just picking 10 is too difficult. Ok I'll try. Plus I'll try to bring something new to the list.

                  1. Broccoli, Kale and green leafy veges
                  2. Salmon (wild)
                  3. Spirulina and chlorella
                  4. Stabilized rice bran - highest antioxidant superfood
                  5. Turmeric and other spices - powerful antioxidants
                  6. Avocados - Vitamin E, magnesium
                  7. Allium Family (garlic,onion etc)
                  8. Maqui Berry (highest ORAC of any fruit) + other berries like blueberries cause maqui berries aren't exactly available at the corner store.
                  9. Citrus, esp Lemons and limes
                  10. Red things like tomatoes, chillis and other peppers

                  Just realized I've had to leave chocolate and yogurt off to make the top 10.

                  1. Coconut Crab
                    Spiny Lobster
                    Kahlua Pork
                    Buffalo - you name the cut
                    Heirloom Tomatoes just off the vine
                    English Bacon
                    Hellman's Mayonnaise
                    Andouille Sausage
                    Fresh "sugar" Sweet Corn on the cob
                    Meyer Lemons

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                    1. re: KiltedCook

                      This is difficult, but I will give it my best:
                      Maine Lobster
                      PEI Mussels
                      Louisiana Shrimp
                      Any garden tomato
                      Citrus, esp. lemons and limes
                      Baby greens, any kind
                      Nuts and seeds
                      yukon gold or baby reds

                      1. re: KiltedCook

                        Kahlua Pork, that sounds interesting. Are you cooking pork in Kahlua?

                        1. re: newfoodie

                          I'm thinking he means Kalua Pig (sometimes called Kalua Pork)

                          1. re: newfoodie

                            Puaʻa kālua is pig wrapped in taro and ti leaves and cooked for hours in a pit (at the beach when I was a kid) lined all around with superhot rocks. Usually had a green stick standing up in the middle and touching the food. After the usual number of hours, you'd press down on the stick to help determine final readiness of the pig.

                            1. re: newfoodie

                              But let us know how that turns out, you may be on to something!

                              1. re: Cinnamon

                                cinnamon, the thought made my tummy turn!
                                but here is a pork loin with a kahlua glaze: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8vWyB...

                          2. 1) eggs
                            2) milk/cream
                            3) garlic
                            4) chocolate
                            5) butter
                            6) leafy baby greens
                            7) cheese
                            8) apples, bananas, citrus, strawberries
                            9) vanilla sugar
                            10) potatoes

                            1. Although I try not to eat the same things every day, there are a few superfoods that need to be present:
                              -Natural probiotic yogurt
                              - Omega seed mix
                              - Oatmeal
                              - Berries
                              - Bananas
                              - Wholegrains (brown rice, quinoa, barley)
                              - Beans
                              - Garlic
                              - Onions
                              - Mixed vegetables

                              1. 1. Green leafy veggies
                                2. Artichokes, asparagus, Brassicae, Solanaceae
                                3. Alliums
                                4. Citrus, berries
                                5. Oysters, clams, lobsters
                                6. Wild salmon, Rainbow trout
                                7. Duck, goose, OFR chicken, turkey
                                8. Bison
                                9. Yogurt
                                10. Wines

                                1. Cilantro, basils, mints and other herbs, gingers, lemongrass
                                  Star anise, pepper, black sesame and other spices
                                  Hot peppers, onions, garlic
                                  Lime, papaya, pomegranate, tamarind, blueberry, grapefruit, blood orange
                                  Rare beef
                                  Duck and squab
                                  Lamb and goat
                                  Shrimp, oysters, crab
                                  Sugar-cane-derived alcohol
                                  Goat milk