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Source for cheddar cheese powder?


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  1. Best I've found is from Cabot Cheese. Haven't seen it outside their factory store in VT, but you can definitely mail order it:


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      I just picked some up while I was in Vermont. It's good stuff.

      They used to sell a version at Williams Sonoma.

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        I've bought that at a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Portsmouth, NH, so it must be more widely available than that.

        It's fantastic stuff, regardless. Amazing on popcorn.

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          Thanks. I will look for it. I tried making some cheddar popcorn today with butter, dry mustard, cayenne, a hint of turmeric and grated cheddar. It was very good but cheddar powder would be much better.

          1. I bought some from Spices Etc http://www.spicesetc.com last year. I seem to recall they had other cheese types too.

            We used it all on popcorn I think! That and vinegar powder for salt-n-vinegar popcorn. :) But, even better on popcorn was Cheddar Bacon salt! http://www.baconsalt.com/

            I don't remember seeing cheddar powder at Penzey's though.

              1. Cabot Cheddar Shake is the gold standard. Word to the wise: Keep the canister well sealed in a plastic bag once seasonal humidity begins to rise, because it's very hydroscopic and it doesn't recover well from moisture.

                1. www.barryfarm.com has it, and lots of other possibilities for popcorn, like sour cream&chive powder.

                  1. They used to have several different housemade powders, including cheese, at Plum Produce in the South End, but something in the back of my head tells me they stopped. Give them a call if you cannot find a better option, they might still have them.

                    1. You can also buy tapioca maltodextrin online and puree it in a food processor with any liquid fat such as rendered and clarified cheddar, flavored melted butter, spice infused oil and so on. If you read the ingredients on many powders, dextrose comes first.

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                        Inquiring minds need to know!

                        How do you render & clarify cheddar? I know that clarified butter (ghee) is sold at the Waltham India Market on Moody St. (read that popping popcorn in this is way better than oil... need to buy!!), but I've never heard of this. Have you tried it?

                        For the OP: I'm wondering if the Restaurant Depot in Chelsea carries it. If they do, you'd need either a friend w/a membership, or, with any self-employment tax number, you can open your own. Love that place, but I don't plan to go there anytime soon, so I can't check for you.

                        Waltham India Market
                        393 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453

                      2. A good place for superb cheddar cheese powder is www.phoenixfoodandherb.com. They have organic white cheddar powder that's to die for, cheddar flavored powder, Nacho cheese flavored popcorn seasoning and even freeze dried cheddar and mozzarella cheeses - all at very good prices.

                        1. You'll probably think I'm crazy (and it might be more expensive in the long run), but I use the packets from those mac & cheese packages - but not the generic & Krap.. I mean Kraft type. Annie's is awesome. Spray the popcorn w/a quick spray of olive oil, then add a bit of powder, mix & repeat a few times.

                          I wonder if Restaurant Depot has any... would need to find someone with a membership (or, if you have any sort of home business tax # you can use that to open your own membership). If they carry it, it would be a giant amt, most likely for a tiny price. Love that place..