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May 15, 2009 12:31 PM

Anyone been to Josie recently?

If so, any tips? Items you particularly liked? We're going there tomorrow (last time we were there was 8 months ago or so, so some things may have changed a bit).

Thanks for the recs.

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  1. We were there about a month ago, and everything was great...although quite pricey. Everyone was pleased with their food. I don't recall what my first course was, but I am sure it was at least good...and the Moroccan short rib/couscous tagine that I had for my entree was delicious and recommended.

    1. I went about two weeks ago-- awesome food, awesome service. I haven't posted a review because we got so carried away I forgot to pay attention to the details, but the grilled cuttlefish (seppy) w/ lamb sausage (merguez) was fantastic, as was my pork flat iron with *perfectly* cooked spring veggies. Add a killer bottle of white burgundy at a very reasonable price, and professional-grade service, and we were lulled into complacency... and left very, very happy. yes, it was a pricey meal, but i've had much pricier ones that were nowhere near as good.

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        Thanks many for the recs. We'll report back on our dinner on Sunday. (So other recs would still be useful!)

      2. I love the tangine shortribs, and Josie has the best french fries in the city, in my opinion. (I remember thinking, after sampling the limp, cold, greasy, flavorless fries at Cut, that I wanted to drag the person responsible out of the kitchen and drive them directly to Josie so they could see what fries are supposed to taste like.)

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          I agree. Last time we were there, we had the burger (with a big slab of foie gras) and white truffle fries. We loved both. The dessert rec is most useful, as we've never had dessert there.

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            Good point. Those truffle fries are scary good!

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              We had a very pleasant dinner at Josie. Terrific corn chowder, and then a very good cap rib eye with a red wine sauce as a main. For dessert, we had the choc bread pudding, and a lemon cheesecake with bluberries. A bit on the expensive side, but excellent food.