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May 15, 2009 12:30 PM

Porto's Must Buy Cakes?

I've tried their meringue fruit torte, but I want to try something new, not too sweet! Their strawberry cheesecake looks tasty! Any recommendations?

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  1. I got a carrot cake from Porto's for my birthday and thought it was delicious!! I will say, though that the cake is very sweet. Not sickeningly so, but still. . . .

    1. The Cuban Cake with custard. Also the Cheese cake is Good

      1. I had their mango mousse cake the other day and it was wonderful.

          1. Chocolate Parisian. I love chocolate cake and this is the ONLY cake I get at Porto's.

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              strawberry shortcake - a nice dense whip cream like frosting and a nice amount of fruit.