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Porto's Must Buy Cakes?

I've tried their meringue fruit torte, but I want to try something new, not too sweet! Their strawberry cheesecake looks tasty! Any recommendations?

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  1. I got a carrot cake from Porto's for my birthday and thought it was delicious!! I will say, though that the cake is very sweet. Not sickeningly so, but still. . . .

    1. The Cuban Cake with custard. Also the Cheese cake is Good

      1. I had their mango mousse cake the other day and it was wonderful.

          1. Chocolate Parisian. I love chocolate cake and this is the ONLY cake I get at Porto's.

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              strawberry shortcake - a nice dense whip cream like frosting and a nice amount of fruit.

            2. Mango Mousse. I drive a long way for that cake.
              It's beautiful and unforgettable.

              1. The Parisian! It's a gorgeous chocolate cake -- my favorite!

                1. I'll second the Parisian. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but this cake is absolutely incredible. It's chocolatey heaven, but it's not overwhelming. And it just looks amazing.

                  They did start making a red velvet cake a while back. It's really really tasty, but it can be a bit much after your initial slice. I'd get it again, I would just try to exercise a little bit more restraint in my second go 'round. It also looks really beautiful with rose petals to top off the frosting.

                  Ugh. Portos is ridiculously good. Why can't it be closer to my house?

                  1. Does it have to be a cake? I'm partial to their Fresh Fruit Tart...