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May 15, 2009 12:29 PM

Desperately Seeking LUNCH near York U

Chowhounds, Your knowledge and ingenuity are requested for the following challenge: I'm looking for a restaurant near York University (or Keele and 401) for a weekday lunch for our department of 60 staff. Cuisine could be "Continental" or Italian - other Mediterrean (e.g., Greek, Middle Eastern) would be fine, too. Pricepoint should be under $25 per person (for entree and one drink - probably non-alcoholic or a cheap glass of wine). Of course, we'd reserve and could do buffet or limited choice menu. Thanks in advance for your suggestions / recommendations - anything that could save us from Vinnie Zucchinis, again!

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  1. You don't have to worry about Vinnie Zucchini's. It's been torn down for some condos.

    See if they will give you a group rate at the resto in Schulich! They're normally $25 + tax & tip, but maybe for a group of 60, they'd do something. It's not like the place is terribly busy at lunch!

    Off campus, there is the Happy Greek at Steeles & Alness, which could probably stay within your price limits. If you want Italian, the only place I can think of that could handle 60 would be Rosa's Place near Finch & Arrow. Some of the banquet halls in the area might do a nice lunch and you'd have the entire room to yourself. Fontana Gardens (7400 Keele, just north of the 407) is quite good.