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May 15, 2009 12:08 PM

The reservation rules at Momofuku Ko?

Since the answering machine at Ko is actually less helpful than the one at the US Postal Service, I have a question for the Manhattan Hounds -

I managed to score reservations for 2 for lunch at Ko on 05/17/09 - I'm coming from out of town to stay with friends prior to an interview. While one of my local pals originally said he'd go if I got reserves, family obligations came up. Since Ko has their (appropriate) $150pp no show policy, do you think I'd get charged for the no-show if I show up solo? Does anyone know if they ever call back their answering machine messages?

Any opinions would be vastly appreciated - also, if anyone has been for the lunch AND dinner, how do they compare in terms of the quality, variety, and portion size (16 courses is quite a few!)

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  1. Of course you'll get charged if you make a reservation for 2 and show up as only 1. Either find someone to go with your or cancel your reservation.

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    1. re: ESNY

      I rather figured as much - I'm working on finding another but not being local I'm dealing with a limited resource pool.

        1. re: sl1

          A decent thought - but if they bail after the 24-hour window I'm screwed. I've got a message into the restaurant - has anyone ever gotten a call back from them?

    2. Clearly they don't answer phones or call back. If anyone is looking for a 2 person reservation there'll be one available at 12:25 on Sunday 05/17 when the "countdown" ends at 10am tomorrow.

      1. I've enjoyed your many posts on the LV board. How did you enjoy Ko? It's one of my favorite NYC restaurants.

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        1. re: ellenost

          They never called back. At all. Despite 3 messages. I canceled so as not to get dinged $150 for a no-show.

          1. re: uhockey

            I had a different issue (food allergy that I didnt mention when I made the rezz) the last time I had dinner there, and I called, email, and 'messaged' them through their website and got nothing.
            When I got to my reservation, I confirmed the food allergy, they looked like they had no idea what I was talking about, so I dont think they check their messages, voicemail or email at all.