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May 15, 2009 11:24 AM

Dinner next Thursday near DuPont Circle

My husband and I are traveling to DC next weekend to visit our 20 year old daughter who is in town for the summer doing a govt. internship. (She's a student at AU the rest of the year.)

We'd like to take her out to a nice, medium-priced dinner on Thursday night in the DuPont Circle area. She likes steaks, chicken and pasta but is just beginning to be a *little* more culinarily adventurous. We love everything from street vendor food to 5 star dining.

What's your recommendation in this area?

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  1. Lots of options in that area. On the higher end I hear wonderful things about Obelisk and Komi, but have yet to be to either.

    But you might also like Hank's Oyster Bar (for didn't mention seafood on your list so not sure if it's in or out), Sette Osteria for pasta/Italian/pizza, Firefly has a little bit of everything (plus a big tree in the middle of the room), or a little farther up towards Adams Morgan is the wonderful neighborhood restaurant Cashion's.

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      Komi and Obelisk is not medium priced!

      1. re: Jacey

        That's exactly why I said they were higher end.

    2. mourayo, mourayo, mourayooooooo...perfect for the nice, medium-priced dinner requisite and they have a great steak and many pasta selections!

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        I tried Mourayo recently-loved it- had a terrific appetizer of seared cheese w/ sesame seeds served w/ greens & grapes, main course of fresh whole fish (cooked in salt) w/ tasty roasted potatoes and for dessert, fresh Greek yogurt w/ honey & strawberrries- nice atmosphere.
        Went to Komi a few years ago and loved it, as well. I think Hank's is good, Sette Oseteria fine. Mourayo and Komi would be my first 2 choices by far.