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Looking for Bitters

I've recently really gotten into bartending at home. I have access to pretty much all the various types of liquor I need, but am missing bitters as an ingredient. I've been told you can buy bitters at your local grocery store, but I couldn't find them.

Does anyone know where in Montreal or Laval that I can find Angostura bitters (or any other brand for that matter) for mixing drinks?

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  1. Saw them recently at the Marché du Village (5415 Gatineau corner Lacombe in CDN, 514 735-3611), one of *my* local grocery stores. Am surprised you can't find them at yours.

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      Anything closer to the West Island or Laval?

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        Dunno. But, as I said, it's really surprising that you can't find them in one of the chain groceries. Did you ask the staff at yours? As I recall, they were stocked with the condiments (like Worcestershire sauce) at the Marché du Village (which used to be and maybe still is loosely affiliated with the Métro chain).

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          I scoured that section of the store, but failed to ask the staff specifically. I guess that's what I'll do. Thanks.

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            The bitters at Loblaws and Provigo are in the soft drink aisle. They also have mixes for alcoholized drinks (pina coladas, etc...).

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          I just noticed them at Pecheur Du Marche carries them. That's the fish store by the Marche de L'Ouest farmers market, on Sources Blvd.

          While you're there you can chow down on some fish & chips!

      2. I have seen bitters at Metro and IGA grocery stores. They are located near the wine section, with grenadine syrup and stuff like that.

        1. Like Maisonbistro, I got the classic Angostura Bitters at a supermarket. I think it was Loblaws. I have others kinds of bitters, which I purchased online from Kegworks in the US. But that's another story!

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            i was having a blast filling my cart on kegwork,but then they said they cant deliver it to here, how did you get to order the bitters you wanted ?

            1. re: cartour

              Sorry I only saw this now. They did offer trans-border shipping via an agent, who will charge all taxes and customs, which can really ramp up the price. I think they still so: see http://www.kegworks.com/faqs/canadaSh...

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              i'm not looking for the angostura regular one , i'm looking for the other kinds like, fee brothers bitters ?!!!

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                EDIT: Nevermind, the online store says **Only available in Continental US**. That's weird though, since they are based in Montreal.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  yeah thats weired, i saw that too, but do you think they have a department that we can actually go and buy it in person ?

                  actually i just saw that the office is in florida

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                    Found it!

                    Fee Brothers Canadian distributor: http://www.qualifirst.com/

                    EDIT: This is their online store: http://www.epicureal.com/

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                      You can find the Fee Brothers bitters at Douceurs du Marche at Marche Atwater.

                      I saw them there last weekend

                      1. re: westaust

                        And sure thing im gonna try look in the store if its true it is even easier and cheaper than shipping, soooooo nice

                      2. re: SnackHappy

                        you guys are awesome
                        apparently they deliver here in canada and i can get those to montreal

                        1. re: cartour

                          Les Douceurs at Atwater carry a number of differnet Fee Brothers flavours. No need to have them shipped.

                          1. re: montrealwaitress

                            yeah i went there and they have a lot , it's really awesome, thanks for the help :D

                        2. re: SnackHappy

                          Ahhhh, they have all the Fee Bros products!

                          I love you, SnackHappy. Really, I do.

                          1. re: TheSnowpea

                            Qualifirst is expensive compared to douceurs du marché.

                            I paid 7.99 per bottle for the bitters at douceurs, Qualifirst charges 9.95 for the same bottle + shipping (12$ of shipping for one bottle, must be flat rate shipping)

                            1. re: westaust

                              Very true. I went to Douceurs and indeed found their Fee Bros selection. They have about 8 different kinds, including the Old Fashioned, Celery, Cherry, Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Peach, ... maybe the Rhubarb? I forget. They don't have the Plum nor the Chocolate bitters (Fee keeps creating new varieties!)

                              Douceurs doesn't have the other Fee products such as the falernum (a must in tiki drinks) and the cordials. You can get orgeat though if you're into tiki cocktails.

                              So now we just need to convince them to carry Peychaud Bitters too, and all with be right with my little cocktail brewing world! LOL

                              1. re: TheSnowpea

                                I was just at Douceurs this morning and could have sworn I saw the chocolate bitters on the shelf with all the others! Huh!

                                Maybe some zealous chocolate bitters person swiped them all?

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                                  I have the choc bitters already, purchased at Kalustyan's last summer. But I did point out to the Douceurs counter guy that this product existed when I got my orange and my celery bitters (Bloody Mary, here I come!).

                                  Maybe they got some new ones this week? (sounds unlikely, I know!)

                                  1. re: TheSnowpea

                                    It could be they took your suggestion to heart and ordered some. I vaguely remember rattling off all the flavors they had and saying, "They even have chocolate bitters."

                                    Worth a shot to see if you're lucky or I have gone nuts!

                                  2. re: Peaches to Poutine

                                    You have to think me for that, i made a special order and then left some aztec bitters for the store when i got my package :)

                                    1. re: cartour

                                      Ha! Next time, make sure they get falernum too! :)

                                      1. re: TheSnowpea

                                        about falernum,les douceurs dont wanna add it to the inventory,but anyways qualifirst are out of it for this month !!!

                  2. Got a bottle at Marché du Village (5415, av Gatineau Montreal, QC H3T 1X4) and also found some at Latina on St-Viateur (http://www.chezlatina.com/). Hope this helps.

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                      If you're just looking for standard Augustura bitters, you can find them at almost any IGA, Metro, or Loblaws.
                      The employees never know where they are, so you have to hunt them down yourself though. I usually find them around the grenadine, and coconut milk for pina coladas.

                    2. So has anyone ever seen Peychauds? I went to Gourmet Laurier the other weekend because I believe I read here they carried some Fee Brothers bitters here. Alas to no avail. Only the Angostura.

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                      1. re: estilker

                        Led Douceurs always carries Fee Brothers. I have old fashioned, orange, lemon, rhubarb, and celery bitters stocked up from them.

                        1. re: OliverB

                          Would you mind telling me how much you paid for, say, the orange bitters at Les Douceurs? Thanks!

                          1. re: hopi20

                            I went this weekend, and got orange, peach, and grapefruit bitters for 8$ each.
                            They have 5-10 different kinds, plus the barrel aged bitters.
                            The barrel aged ones though are much more expensive, 30$, I think.

                            1. re: yoelbenyossef

                              La Vieille Europe started carrying Fee Bros as well.

                              1. re: yoelbenyossef

                                Ah thanks. I was there just yesterday and was surprised by the $30 price tag!

                          2. re: estilker

                            My understanding is that Peychaud's aren't available in Canada, period. I know a friend of mine spent a significant amount of time seeking them out, and couldn't find them available for retail anywhere. Best bet is to bring some back next time you cross the border.

                            1. Exo Fruits on Cote-des-neiges (5192, Cote-Des-Neiges ) has Angostura bitters. Haven't seen any other brands

                              1. I am told by someone at Doucers du Marché they won't carry Peychaud's anytime soon becuase the label is not bilingual

                                1. I live on the WI and I've seen Angostura bitters in most of the IGA's there. I'm not sure but I think I've seen them in the baking ingredients section (same general region as vanilla extract etc.) but I've got to confess that other than knowing that I've seen them, I can't be precise on where in the store.

                                  1. Does any place sell the ORANGE Angostura?

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                                      Sold at Latina on St Viateur now.

                                    2. You will definitely find bitters at Marche Milano in Little Italy.

                                      1. A friend of mine recently acquired some chilli bitters at Alambika in Outremont. You can browse their website. Premium prices, but a good selection.

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                                        1. re: estilker

                                          Hey estilker! Thanks for your recommendation! I went to Alambika on Van Horne a couple of days ago and was blown away by all the bitters they have! They have way more selection than Douceur du Marche.

                                          I took notes of all the brands they have because I plan on going back to complete my collection.
                                          They have
                                          -Regan's (the only place in Quebec that I've ever seen them)
                                          -Peychaud's (both formats)
                                          -Angostura and Angostura Orange (they have them! I swear! They don't need the excuse that it's back order haha)
                                          -Fee's Bitters and Fee's Cordials
                                          -Hella Bitters
                                          -Bad Dog
                                          -Dr Adams Elmigerab
                                          -Brooklyn Hemispherical
                                          -Bittered Sling

                                          Seriously worth a visit!

                                        2. Latina on St Viateur now has a nice selection as well as Jack Ruby and other craft syrups.

                                          Also they are packing a nice range of barrel aged and infused maple syrups - perfect for cocktails.

                                          They have the Orange Angostura bitters as well.

                                          Prices are cheaper by a few dollar or so then Alambika, with a range that is growing to be comparable.

                                          Ironic that MTL finally has bitters but we still suffer with shit choices for the hard staff.

                                          Mate of mine from Toronto is coming over soon with my Plymouth Gin, Four Roses and St Germain shipment.

                                          1. In Little Italy, Anatol Spices at 6822 St-Laurent.