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May 15, 2009 10:47 AM

Scream Sorbet at Marin Farmer's Market

They were at the Thursday Market. Brooks Cherry was remarkable.

Scream Sorbet
5030 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

Thursday Civic Center Marin Farmers Market
3501 Civic Center Dr, San Rafael, CA 94903

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  1. They were at the Los Altos market yesterday afternoon, too. It's every Thursday from 4-8. I didn't try it, got too full on other things. I'll give it a try next time

    1. They are also at the Sunday Temescal farmer's market. Every flavor I've tried has been very good to great. Particularly good are their nut flavors.

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      1. re: chemchef

        The hazelnut was fantastic. The Oro Blanco was not particularly flavorful. I had read about them here, but this was the first time I saw them at a market.

        1. re: wally

          The Oro Blancos I've bought at the farmer's markets this year were not particularly flavorful either, so that might explain it. Hazelnut sounds great! I've only tried the pecan and almond.

          1. re: wally

            From the Temescal farmers' market today, I had hazelnut and chocolate. The chocolate was nicely bittersweet with a slight, not unwelcome, bitter edge. Hazelnut was amazing. Hazelnut has always been a favorite gelato flavor, but this sorbet tops the gelatos I've had. It has a dense, creamy texture enriched by the fat in the nuts, and an intense flavor unmasked by the dairy in ice creams. Ingredients are hazelnuts, sugar, water, sea salt. Their site says they make a chocolate-hazelnut, which I'll certainly try if I see it.

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              Anyone know the type of recipe/technique they use for making the nut sorbets?

              1. re: vday

                I believe it was several years ago when the owner was discussing some of his various recipes and techniques on another food board. But even though the recipes and ingredients are very basic, one of the primary reasons why it's difficult to reproduce their sorbet at home is because of the machine they use, which is called a Pacojet.

                You can search for "Pacojet" and get a lot better info on how it works. But basically, the sorbet mixture is frozen in a special container, which is then put into the Pacojet and spun at a high speed. A blade then shaves very thin layers from the frozen mixture which then results in a very smooth textured (not icy) product.

        2. They are at the Scotts Valley Market on Saturday mornings (should really post this to the California board but the discussion is here...)

          The Hazelnut is perhaps one of the most best sorbets I've ever tasted - and the Lime/Mint was so refreshing on a warm morning... makes my mouth water just thinking about it.