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May 15, 2009 10:44 AM

Kenny Rogers Chicken Anywhere?

Another post was asking about chains that are no longer around, but nobody listed Kenny Roger's Chicken, which I thought was pretty good. We used to have several in the Dayton, Ohio area and then they all closed up. Do you have any where you live?

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  1. According to this, there is only 1 in the US. Asia on the otherhand....

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      yep, ate there at the new Beijing international airport. Chengdu is supposed to have one but havent' been and not sure if it is still open.

    2. I'm an American living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia... Kenny Rogers is still alive in Asia (and there is one open in the Beijing airport- though I was already outside customs before I saw it, so can't report on the food there).
      The chicken is very different though- there is a choice between black pepper and regular and doesn't taste at all like the lemony rotisserie chicken that was served in the US (had it in NC, etc). They also put a heavy bland brown English style gravy all over it unless you request other wise. The corn bread (which I loved) has also been replaced with muffins: chocolate & raisin, banana or vanilla. The sides are similar except the baked beans are much more English v. bbq or brown sugar sweet like in the US. It's a popular chain and you can find it all over Malaysia- I don't know much about the Philippians one, but will post if we make it out that direction.

      1. Oh, bliss. I'd give anything to eat it just one more time :) As far as I know, they're all gone from the southern Ohio/central Kentucky area, too.

        1. The Florida-based Miami Subs (imagine that) also sells Nathan's coneys, Arthur Treacher's fish and Kenny Rogers as well as their regular sub menu. The non-Miami Subs items seem to be limited, though.

          1. In Westchester and upstate NY, Nathan's franchises generally have an assortment of Kenny's chicken along with Arthur Treacher's fish combos.

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            1. re: iluvcookies

              Do the Kenny Rogers items at Miami Subs and Nathan's still taste the same as they did at the original restaurants? That's my big annoyance with the Asian restaurants, they are really Kenny Roger's in name more than in the actual food. I know there are some differences in the flavors of the franchises once they come overseas, but this is like a 100% difference of what it used to taste like, versus the slight changes they normally make. I suspect once the Malaysian group bought the franchise they just cut costs all over the place starting wth the spices and flavorings. I have hopes that the other countries are better as that happens with most of the restaurants over here in Malaysia - the quality and availability of items severely diminishes after the initial opening months.

              1. re: Juliefey

                I went to a new Miami Subs in NYC recently (the first of this decade) and they didn't have KRR items. They did have items from Nathan's and Arthur Treacher's (no brand name for the later but it was the same menu).

                However, I recently had Kenny Rogers at the Nathan's on Coney Island, where it has its own counter. It was absolutely delicious and authentic, with the same sides that have always been offered. Photos here (including a closeup of the chicken):

                This counter opened when there were still regular restaurants around in the States so maybe that's why the authenticity has been preserved.

                If you're craving KRR I would first check if there's a Nathan's around with a KRR Counter (according to a Yelp search there are a few scattered across the country). Then I'd see if there's a Miami Subs around with the menu items.

                1. re: newkai

                  The KRR inside Nathan's I mention above is now also history:

                  The mall location in the Ontario Mills complex in Ontario, CA appears to be the last location in the US.