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Good eats in area of Brodie / Slaughter / Wm. Cannon / Manchaca

I will be visiting Austin next week and staying in the neighborhood bordered by Brodie Lane, Slaughter Lane, William Cannon and Manchaca.

Would love any and all recommendations for good eats in the area: store-front bbq; taco carts; hamburger stands; fast food joints (I like Carvels); etc.

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  1. I love the breakfasts at Casa Garcia-excellent chilaquies. Also in the same center is Hao-Hao-great Vietnamese. Both are at Wm.C @ Manshak. Also heard good things about:
    Cypress Grille
    And you must checkout Giddy Ups-cheap beer on Manchaca near Slaughter

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      ooo, my hood!

      Evangeline Cafe- great cajun of course, and GREAT hamburger (2-for-1 on Monday)
      Pho Thai Son
      Galaxy Cafe
      KC Donut (near Evangeline on Brodie) has great kolaches and croissant breakfast
      sandwiches if you get there earlyish enough.
      La Posada -texmex - yummy stuffed avocado
      Culvers for fast food
      Tino's Greek Cafe
      Cypress Grill (cajun again) on the other side of Mopac is pretty good, but Evangeline is way better

    2. I think you mean Culvers, not Carvels.

      Tino's Greek Cafe. Everything is good, but I particularly like the Chicken shish kabob.


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        I think she means Carvel's, which is a chain we don't have here. I've never been there so I have no point of comparison, but i hear good things about their ice cream.

        In this area, I like Madam Mam's (discussed pleanty on this board) and Hyde Park Bar and Grill, both on Westgate and Ben White.
        Also Spec's on Brodie and Ben White has pretty good sandwiches for lunch as well as the biggest liquor and wine selection in town.

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          Madam Mam's for sure. I love their panang curry. But I've liked most things there. Haven't tried it myself, but Cannoli Joe's got some good reviews.

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            There is a Culver's in Austin, but up north at Braker and Kramer. They have good burgers and shakes.

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              Culver's and Carvel's are not the same. We don't have Carvel's here.

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                Actually, Schlotzsky's was bought by the owners of Carvel, and there are a few local Schlotzsky's that also have Carvel (and Cinnabon) on the menu.

                Carvel = ice cream, Cookie Puss, Fudgie the Whale, etc.
                Culver's = butter burgers and frozen custard, etc.

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                  I'm dismayed to report that the Carvels in Austin do not make their wonderful ice cream cakes.

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                There's also a Culver's on Wm. Cannon and Brodie

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                No, I think she means Culvers. Carvel's does not serve fast food. And there is a Culvers at one of the intersections she mentions. I'm assuming she did some research and saw a Culvers.

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                  Yes, this has already been established by the OP.

            2. Evitas Botanitas - just north of william cannon on south 1st. Great food. I have dreams about this place....
              Chief's BBQ - cheap bbq gem on south 1st and dittmar. I recommend the homer. Or the bbq'd bologna. Tasty and very unique bbq sauce.
              Hao Hao - good vietnamese. on william cannon and manchaca.

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                Evita's is great, and they sure could use the support right now:


              2. I"m not a fan of Tino's Greek Cafe but I only eat the vegetarian items so perhaps the meat is better? Either way, if you have decent Greek food where you live it doesn't seem worth it to me.
                La Familia is a little Mexican place in the strip center on Wm Cannon between Mopac & Brodie. They have great salsa and nachos.
                Pho Thai Son is really good-when my Dad was here I had to bring him there twice. Order the pho though-that's definitely their specialty.
                I agree Evangeline over Cypress Grill.

                Hope you find something good!

                1. Thanks for all your responses I can't wait to try out some of these places. I did mean Culvers not Carvels (looks like I have been living in the northeast for too long :)).

                  1. I can't remember the name of the place, but one of my fav hidden locales in this area is a gas station on the corner of Pleasant Valley and Wm Cannon that has a hidden Mexican restaurant on the other half of it that has some of the best damn B-fast tacos around. I think MPH and Scrumptious have mentioned the place as well.

                    1. Down at the end of Manchaca Rd on FM 1626 there's a Chavelo's taco trailer. Get the super taco for $4...beef fajitas, beans, cheese, onion, cilantro...about 1.5 lbs worth. Good stuff.

                      1. I love the Bakehouse (5404 Manchaca). I get the dijon chicken sandwich. I think the bun is homemade, comes w/ dijon, swiss and sprouts. We also like the onion strings.

                        I once had their Mississippi Mud Pie. Wow - knocked my socks off.

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                          really?? i used to like going there 5+ years ago. but then i started to realize how much the food and atmosphere kinda sucks. plus, when i heard it had been a candidate for Kitchen Nightmares, i got a wee bit turned off. i will admit that the sweets in the bakery case were always pretty yummy.

                        2. Well, I for Tex-Mex, I like Maude's at the corner of Slaughter and Brodie. Love the chips and salsa and the chicken enchaladas with green ranchero suace. In the same shopping center is Brick Oven Pizza. Have lunch specials. Pretty good Italian food.
                          Casa Garcia's at Manchaca and William Cannon is good too.
                          Most people will think I'm crazy, but I really like the fried chicken at Bill Miller BBQ also at Manchaca and William Cannon. They have these marinated onions that I just love.
                          Evangeline's is good for cajun.
                          Maybe someone can help me, but there is a chinese restaurant at Manchaca and Slaughter in the HEB shopping center. It is on the opposite end of the center from HEB. Good food.
                          Venture on down to Ben White and Manchaca for breakfast at Dan's Hamburgers and then go back and get the best burger in town.