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May 15, 2009 10:15 AM

Chinese Long Beans

Just picked up some yesterday but not really sure how to cook them. Any suggestions for something simple, quick, and really tasty?

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  1. This is quick, if you don't count the 3 days to pickle the long beans. And definitely delicious and easy.

    1. Cut up, blanch, plunge in ice water, dry, serve with fave dip!

      1. I crumble about 1/2 lb ground pork into a deep large saute pan and brown it with a bit of garlic, toasted sesame oil and green onions. Then add the long beans all coiled up, and water to cover and simmer until tender.

        1. cut long beans into 3 inches or so. take a teaspoon of thai red curry paste, plus some crushed aromatics of your own like garlic, ginger, lemon grass, coriander root, if you like...but they are not necessary cuz the paste has those in there, just add if you like to boost the flavor. Fry this is 1-2 tbs hot oil until the oil leaves the paste, toss in the beans, stir around, add in 1/4 cup or so coconut milk, fry around until the beans are cooked but still crunchy, and the liquid for the milk has evaporated (u make need to sprinkle a little bit if water). The end result should be a dry stir fry with the thickened coconut spice paste clinging to each bean like a thick velvety glaze. Yum.

          1. thanks for the suggestions! i ended up stir frying with a little peanut oil, curry paste and coconut milk--had these ingreds on hand luckily. It was delicous!