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May 15, 2009 10:12 AM

Jack and the Bean Bowl - Copley Sq

New food cart in Copley Square - across from CVS. Delicious vegetarian bowls of beans, brown rice and other toppings. Cupcakes and italian sodas too. I hope they do well, it's a lovely option for days like today.

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  1. No sign of them at 12:30pm today, on the first day of the farmer's market.

    Too bad. Its a beautiful day and lots of people milling around.

    The hot dog stand did a good business, it looked like.

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    1. I had a chance to try a bean bowl today and it was delicious. The chipotle lime sauce is really tasty and the "fixins" help elevate what could be a bland combo to something pretty near craveable for those like me that already love rice and beans .

      They have a selection of hot sauces that you can add. The habernaro sauce made it even better.

      Plus, the couple running it couldn't have been nicer!!! I like that kind of place.

      I will definitely be back.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        I tried it yesterday because I remembered that you liked it. It was the first time they were there when I was.

        I can see myself walking over to Copley to have one. I had lemon curry sauce and was pleased. It's simple, warm and filling with nice flavor and a freshness to the layers. I think making the bowls to order is essential.

        They'll also leave off any item you don't want. I omitted cilantro. I'm one of the soapy cilantro people. There was an array of hot sauces available for those who'd like to sprinkle on some extra heat. I'll try the chipotle sauce the the next time.

      2. Anyone happen to know where Jack and the Bean Bowl is? They haven't been in Copley for several weeks. No update on their blog.

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        1. re: edamame

          I just emailed them at the address I used to reach them in the past. I'll report in if I have a response.


          1. re: edamame

            I was just out there looking for them a few minutes ago...

            1. re: C. Hamster

              Here is what happened to Jack and the Bean Bowl. I emailed them on the 13th of this month. Here is part of the response I got back from Meredith:

              Unfortunately my Mother was diagnosed with cancer and we had to go to
              Florida to help with her surgery and aftercare.

              Still in Florida now, not sure when I will get back.