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May 15, 2009 09:04 AM

Date Night, tonight, Wilshire & Fairfax, and beyond...

My husband and I would like to have a date tonight.

We both work around Wilshire & Fairfax, and will be scooting out of our respective workplaces around 5:00.

We like, and would revisit Animal and A.O.C. We (uh, he) did not enjoy Luna Park. We're headed towards Glendale.

Besides A.O.C. and Animal, are there any suggestions? Bonus points if there's a second suggestion nearby. ("Hey, this place has a 90 minute wait, but there's another place a block or two over that's supposed to be nice...")

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  1. LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) has two great (okay - one great and one okay) places to till 8 or 8:30. There's the bonus of the people watching and intermingling with tourists from all over the world. They used to have concerts one night a week - you would have to check that out. Enjoy!

    1. Close to work, but not in the direction of heading toward Glendale is Tasca. I love Tasca. Magnolia has a branch downtown now (although it's not really in the same category, IMO) and there you could also try Church & State downtown which has had a tremendous culinary turn around with Manzke at the helm.

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        Yeah, there are a couple of places downtown I really like. The east west traffic is pretty rough. (Although, the idea of an easy drive, at 5:00 on Friday, is not logical.)

        Since my first posting, I've also started to consider the two Mozzas.

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          I would consider the two Mozzas, and how about Fraiche in Culver City, Comme Ca just north of you across from Lucques or if you are willing to make the drive before eating, Reservoir in Silver Lake.

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            At that hour you should be able to sneak right into two bar seats at mozza pizzeria, one of my favorites. Squash blossoms, chicken liver crostini, tricolore salad, clam pizza, budino...yum!

        2. i work in this area myself. what about Chammeau on Fairfax? Angeli on Melrose, All Angelo on Melrose. Hatfields or Grace on Beverly. Been to all of these and think that if you don't make reservations Chammeau is your best bet.

          1. Little Door, Grace, and there's always Campanile

            1. Thanks so much for the suggestions. We had an errand (Hi AT&T store, hope Congress starts to regulate cell charges and contracts more closely, real soon!!), and found ourselves at Jar.

              We had only been once before, with me liking it in a noncommittal way, and my husband enjoying it more. This time around, I really enjoyed myself!

              To start, I ordered a Moonlight, husband ordered a lager. We followed those with an appetizer special of soft shell crab for him, and the butter lettuce salad with radishes for me. Food and cocktails came out at a gentle pace, and service was lovely throughout. We split an entree, another special. It was a 10 oz domestic Kobe steak, sliced. It was cooked rare as requested.

              A note on the specials, they were presented verbally, without pricing information. I inquired about the price of the barramundi special they were offering ($39). I feel the Kobe pricing was in line with that at $44. We also ordered one of the two dessert specials, and it was priced at $10, just like the desserts on the menu. As I reflect on the menu and special choices, I find it a little odd, they were also offering beef bourguignon on top of buttered noodles. To consider that, with their famous pot roast, in midMay southern California, you forget how lovely and warm it's been, and how many gorgeous fruits and vegetables are available at the local markets.

              The Kobe was delicious, and cooked perfectly. For dessert, he got the chocolate pudding. The two dessert specials were a raspberry tart, and, what I ordered, grilled peaches over mascarpone cheese, and almond cookies, drizzled with honey. I liked my special, but didn't love it, I felt it would have been fantastic with a greater temperature difference in some of the ingredients, or if it had been made with creme fraiche, or perhaps more of a bright, acidic taste had been introduced. (I addressed this by grabbing the lemon from husband's tea, and squeezing it on my plate.)

              The only small quibble I had with the evening was with the seating. We were the first table to be seated, and after fifteen minutes, another party of two came in. Yes, they were seated right next to us. They were seated after us, ate, and left before us. And yes, I love restaurants, and how they work, and I try to be mindful of certain realities. They have to keep tables free for the reservations which are due in 30 minutes, but ugh. It was like a bad sitcom. The place was empty, except for these two parties that were seated next to one another, in very close proximity.

              We had a lovely, lovely evening and we'll put this on our list of places to visit. Thanks for all of your suggestions!

              Jar Restaurant
              8225 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048