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May 15, 2009 08:44 AM

Capers in Campbellford - very good.

After stopping at the excellent Church Key brewery in Campbellford last Sunday I inquired about good eats and was directed to Capers restaurant. It is located on the main street of Campbellford, opposite the No Frills.

We weren't given any menus but chose from a board of four specials: Prime Rib, Blackened Salmon, Cassoulet, and I can't remember the fourth. Two of us opted for the Cassoulet and the other for the Salmon. The cassoulet was delicious, containing sausage, duck and chicken, and topped with breadcrumbs. We mopped up all the sauce with crusty bread. The salmon came topped with a corn and pea salsa and was accompanied by a three cheese Mac 'n' Cheese with Lobster chunks! I had a taste, and again, very good. We also had a house salad which was spring greens with (our choice) a Tangerine Balsamic dressing.

We were a little worried about the bill as there were no prices on the board, but get this: the cassoulets $14, the Salmon $15, and the salad $2. A pint of Church Key tankard ale was $4.50 and a green apple Martini $5.50.

I may be driving up that way every weekend this summer.


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  1. Yup, your nose took you to the best place in town. Never had a bad meal there. I usually order the schnitzel, which is always good and the soup of the day is also good. Sometimes even spicy--yes, spicy food in Campbellford!

    They've been around a long time--testiment to their good quality. I do hate that they don't put prices on their special board nor do the staff mention them at the table. Sometimes the suprise on the bill is a big surprise, unlike the prices you mention. So either ask or stick to the menu.