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May 15, 2009 08:36 AM

Grad Dinner in Brooklyn

I am in charge of finding an early dinner spot to celebrate my sister's graduation next Thursday. We want to do something in brooklyn, I live in Williamsburg and she lives in Park Slope. My mom will be treating about 8 of us, so I'd like somewhere that feels special, but isn't outrageously priced. I was thinking Motorino could work, but I'd like something a little more high end.
All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. If you're willing to do her neighborhood instead of yours, I (always) recommend Tempo, which is fantastic, and a fantastic bargain if their prix fixe is running (call and ask, as their website runs well behind). Applewood is another reliable standard, though a reservation for a party of 8 can be difficult to snag. Both feel suitably special in my mind.

    Avoid Stone Park in large parties, as the service suffers immeasurably - not sure why this is more of a problem for them than anywhere else, but I've found it to be so repeatedly.

    1. What's your idea of "outrageously priced"? I suggest Aurora in Williamsburg. Really nice outside garden. They do larger parties quite well. Great italian, great wine list. Not cheap, but not outrageous in IMO. Another spot that comes to mind is Baci and Abracci. They also have a nice garden, slightly cheaper than Aurora and Baci has great brick oven pizzas, which may appeal to you if you like Motorino. Both are favs of mine. Aurora is more 'special occasion'. Check the menus on

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        Thanks for the question. I realized "outrageously priced" is not the correct way to describe what I'm looking for. I am seeking affordable: $25/pp. I've eaten at both Aurora and Baci and like them both. Baci could be a good fit, Aurora may be too expensive.
        Thanks! I really like Applewood too, but I think that might be out of my price range.

        1. re: livetoeat24

          Just occurred to me...another italian fave is Fiore. Cheaper than both Aurora AND Baci- great pastas. They do really well with large groups too. Good luck!

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            The wonderful Prix Fixe Menu weekdays at TEMPO seems to fit your request toi a "T". I think it is $19.95, but call them to check...

            The food is delicious, the service excellent, and the hosts are gracious and helpful. They are very comfortable with larger groups and celebrations.

            Hope you all have a great time.

          2. re: malibu

            I am also a huge fan of Tempo in Park Slope. That would be my suggestion.

          3. I second Applewood. I bet they would try to accomodate your larger party--especially if you are going on the early side Food is wonderful.