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May 15, 2009 08:34 AM

Looking for Farmer Brown-esque restaurant in DC Area

Okay so I went to San Fran. A couple of weeks ago, and went to a restaurant called "Farmer Brown" and it is described as Farm Fresh Soul Food.

It is not like the Soul Food people think of that is drowned in fats and sugars and zero nutrients. It runs off of African American local farmers' produce and meats. It was absolutely delicious, and I didn't gain 5 pounds in one sitting. Check out the website:

Well, I'm back home and I would love to find a restaurant in the MD/DC/VA area that is like Farmer Brown. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. hi tiffani,

    in dc, i think your best bet would be founding farmers. it has the same farm to table concept that you are looking for. also, they have an excellent rendition of fried chicken and waffles.

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    1. re: mikeismora

      Love Founding Farmers myself (although I will say it seems as if people love or hate it.)
      I highly recommend their grilled cheese/tomato soup and carrot cake- everything else that my party ordered (mac and cheese with lobster, pot roast w/ veggies and smashed potatoes) was thoroughly enjoyed.

      1. re: chicken kabob

        Thank you to the both of you, this restaurant sounds exactly what I'm looking for. I think I might take my mom here for her birthday, she would love the Smoked Salmon flatbread! :)

        1. re: tifferbe_2000

          Last I was in DC, Founding Farmers was the only restaurant I tried (other than the World Bank cafeteria for lunches)..