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May 15, 2009 07:59 AM

Passionfish recommendations for this time of year?

I expect to make my first trip to Passionfish in two weeks. Anything stand out on the menu this time of the year?

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  1. IIRC, it is squid season, and I've never had anything but exemplary squid there. If they have fried calamari, get it. Also, I think halibut is coming into season, and I've always had very good halibut there.

    BTW, A recent post said they were moving soon to the Old Bath House location. However, the website makes no mention of this that I can see, and I saw a post on another board that said that they aren't moving, but rather that the owners are opening a bar at the Old Bath House location. If that would be a bar with oysters, I'll be in heaven. Unfortunately, I may not get to Monterey for a month or two, so if you find out anything, let us know. (Cindy, the co-owner, is often there overseeing hosting duties, and I imagine she'd be happy to update you...)

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      The last two times I've been (January and April 2009) they've had Monterey Bay Spot Prawns which are grilled whole and you have to disassemble them from the shell. They are served with a linguine and bacon "custard" which is very good. I had the prawns in January and they were delicious despite the work involved, expect to get a little messy. In April I had the sturgeon which is on the regular menu and found it perfectly cooked.

      If you don't feel seafood that night, I've also had the braised pork shank which is very good and falls off the bone. FInally, the last time I was there they had arancini's with ham which were phenomenal, but they were on the specials menu and may not be there again. Just to summarize, pretty much everything on the menu is very good!

    2. Just about anything, but the Sand Dabs stand out as does their duck for non-seafood lovers.

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        Never had the dabs there. Do they do the standard crunchy breading and grilling style or something more different?

        1. re: Ed Dibble

          I don't remember any breading. Just grilled. In fairness, it's my wife who had the dabs, I'm the duck eater, although I did have a few bites of her dish and it was delicious.

      2. Love Passionfish..
        I don't think they do anything that is not exceptional..
        We had the mussels, salad, halibut, grouper and a couple half bottles with latte's and dessert and it was under $100 bucks..

        1. Steve, here's a quote from KSBW, Salinas web site:

          "The Passionfish restaurant is set to take up residence on the second floor of the building while continuing to keep its location on Lighthouse Avenue.

          "We're trying to make it a bar on the water, where the locals will want to go to," said Ted Walter, of Passionfish. "We want them to take it over and make it their place."