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May 15, 2009 07:09 AM

grilled pork sandwiches?

I am looking to grill some sort of pork for maybe 20-25 people- I'm just not sure what to do with it from there- I like the idea of sandwiches so there is no need for utensils... any ideas?

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    1. Grill a kalua pig and serve it with rolls. Sides can range from Southern to Hawaiian.

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        Pulled pork is easy and always feeds a crowd, need to be BBQ'd not grilled though. You can also marinate some tenderloin Korean style, grill and serve w/ lettuce. Perhaps recreate the Mc Rib, on the grill.

      2. I get boneless pork loin and run it through my meat tenderizer a few times(you can have the butcher do this for you) and then pound it out flat, it will be big at this time so you can cut it to size for each sandwich, then mix some flour, salt , and pepper, dredge the meat in this flour and pan fry it in some olive oil till crispy, it is delish.

        1. If you're gonna grill, not roast/BBQ/braise, then I'd do whole tenderloins dry rubbed and the glazed while grilling with fresh tangerine marmalade. Slice into medallions and serve with dinner rolls to make Pork Sliders.

          1. I'm hooked on a local guys pulled pork sandwiches- he's this old dude by the side of the road. Soft bun, over stuffed with pulled pork, a few squirts of bbq sauce and covered in cole slaw. I usually eat it with a fork & don't stop eating until it's gone it's SO good.