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May 15, 2009 06:54 AM

where to buy glass bottles of coke?

My book club is meeting, and I don't know if any of you have read Secret Life of Bees, but they like to have peanuts in coke and I want to serve it at my dinner party.

Where can I buy glass bottles of coke? any brand would do. In Eastern Market or Potomac Ave preferably, or on the Hill.


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  1. My goddaughter had a Diet Coke at Chrisfield's in Silver Spring last night and noted that her bottle was glass. Therefore, they must be around. I would check with the local bottler as to where glass bottles are sold.

    1. Not only does Taqueria Nacional sell Cokes in glass bottles, but their Coke products are made with cane sugar!

      Taqueria Nacional
      400 N Capitol St NW, Washington, DC

      1. The Taqueria Distrito Federal (14th and Spring NW) also sells Mexican coke in glass bottles.

        1. you can purchase mexican coke in bulk on costco's website.

          1. My Giant and Safeway both have Coke in six-packs of the old 8 oz. glass contour bottles. Much cheaper than buying the single bottles of Mexi-Coke at the bodega.

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              You know, the original Coke bottles were 6 ounce (not 8 ounce) green glass, and they had the name of the city where they came from pressed into the glass on the bottom of the bottle.
              They cost a nickel, and if they were chilled to exactly the right temperature, the coke froze into slush when you opened the bottle.
              Then they went up to $.06. A terrible 20% price increase.

              1. re: MakingSense

                my aunt martha spent much of her adult like in atlanta, and would *only* drink the coke from the small bottles. she said it tasted different than coke in any other container.