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May 15, 2009 06:35 AM

Anyone tried the Sweet Flour Bake Shop?

I've read about how they do custom-cookie baking and I was wondering if it's worth the subway ride...

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  1. If you love cookies straight out of the oven, then sure. The ingredients are decent, but not particularly exotic or rich-tasting. I have had more swoon-worthy cookies, even though they weren't straight out of the oven. I would weigh the time it would take to get there against the effort it would take to whip up your own batch. If you already have a shop nearby that gives you a good cookie fix, then I also wouldn't bother. For me, popping over for a warm cookie is no hassle, and I don't end up with a big batch of cookies, as I would if I made my own.

    1. go check it out - the cookies are great and the experience is cool, particularly for the kids...
      and great (ideal) coffee for us ; )

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      1. re: dannyboy

        I would say it's fun if you are in the area, or not too far away, but it's not really a destination place. The cookies are yummy, but what fresh baked cookie isn't? I also haven't tried any super exciting combos (toffee and chocolate for me). It's nothing exceptional, and pretty expensive. I enjoyed it when I went and would go back if I'm nearby , but don't know if I'd travel very far to go there.

        Their sandwich cookies are quite nice, although the salted caramel filling was a little too salty for my taste.

        1. re: dannyboy

          Yes, if you have kids, they'll love it. The Ideal coffee and organic milk to go with your cookie is also very good.

        2. I made the trek to SFB and I do think it was worth the trip for 3 reasons: dark chocolate chunks with juicy cherries; dark chocolate chunks with macadamia nuts; and short bread with vanilla cream filling. For the first two, I don't know any other cookie shop that does those combos (Mrs Fields did at least semi-sweet chocolate chip and mac nuts in the 80s but then they flipped to milk mac, darn them). And the short bread with vanilla cream icing was absolutely decadent. (I also tried the chocolate wafer--more like chocolate short bread---with the salt caramel and that was pretty good too.) Yeah, it's not a cheap cookie and it's not the best base in terms of being ultra tasty but it's decent and the fillings make up for it.

          I'd make the trek again--and I'd get more of the short bread with vanilla butter cream icing.

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          1. re: Ediblethoughts

            I have now made the trek twice. The first time, I went on my own and the second time I brought the kids. Its a great concept and the space is lovely and welcoming.
            The kids loved the experience and I loved my coffee!! I'm sure we will be back again.

          2. It is a lovely store and interesting concept. I thought the variety of ingredient choices was impressive, and the price is reasonable given how large the cookie is (very large - enough to share). I wasn't supremely satisfied with the end result, and after some thought, I think the dough was lacking salt. An extra pinch of salt may have given the cookie the zip it was missing. All said, a cute place, and I hope it survives.

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            1. re: Gourmista

              Also maybe a tad more butter to give it a bit more of that crispy/chewy thing. Of course, I rarely bake so maybe that wouldn't do the trick.

              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                I haven't tried these cookies, but I find that cream of tartar helps with the crispy/chewy thing

              2. re: Gourmista

                We hit this place about every month - great idea, great execution. I find the cookies great, but one is almost too much for me - better split. Coffee is great there as well, which is something that is lacking [IMHO] in BWV....lotsa coffee shops but little great coffee.

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