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sandwiches to go in JP

I am hoping to take some sandwiches to the Arboretum and since I don't know JP at all I am hoping to find a sandwich gem. Any recommendations? I'll have a car.

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  1. City Feed makes great sandwiches and they have two locations; on Boylston & Centre Streets. The Centre Street store is larger and probably offers easier parking --right on Centre Street. If you're in the mood for wraps, the Purple Cactus is on the adjacent corner. Really healthy, fresh burritos and wraps which are also excellent. Either spot is a good choice, just depends what you are in the mood for....enjoy!

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      Besides City Feed, the Real Deal further up on Centre St. has a million sandwiches that are usually good. I'm not a fan of the Purple C. Dogwood Cafe by Forest Hills station can make their sandwiches to go.

    2. I'm a big fan of Ula Cafe on Armory Street in the old Brewery (take a right on Armory from Boylston and it will be on your left). It's a great neighborhood spot, a nice space, and they have great stuff across the board. Earlier this week I had the sweet potato sandwich for the first time. It was outstanding (and points for creativity). Sliced baked sweet potato, avocado, sprouts, a tahini-yogurt sauce on clear flour bread. They have vegetarian- and carnivore-friendly sandwiches.

      1. Another option is Canto 6, a bakery/cafe on Washington Street less than a mile from the Arboretum. IMHO, it and City Feed offer the best sandwiches in JP, and you'd be unlikely to be disappointed by either.

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          I agree with natecsd - City Feed and Canto 6 are the best bets. I've only had breakfast at Sweet Ula's, but imagine their sandwiches would be good. Real Deal is only okay at best, IMO, especially when City Feed is only a couple of blocks away.

        2. Sorry to rain on your picnic, but bringing food onto the Arboretum grounds is prohibited except for one day per year (Lilac Sunday, which was last weekend).

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            Ah, good point about the arboretum. But if you go to Ula or Canto 6 (can't believe I forgot about them -- love Goat in the Garden Sandwich. And again, Clear Flour Bread, with delicious canneles for dessert!) there is the corridor park nearby.

          2. I can confirm that picnicking is verboten in the Arboretum, but Jamaica Pond next door is a great picnic spot.

            As a JP resident I would say City Feed is the best of those listed here, Real Deal and Purple Cactus are a bit behind. Don't forget Hyde Square though-- you can get Cuban Sandwiches for takeout from El Oriental or great dominican sandwiches from Alex's Chimis.

            Heading the other direction towards Forest Hills, I've seen takeout sandwiches offered at Fiore's Bakery next to Harvest on South Street, but I have never had anything from there--maybe worth exploring.

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              Yes, I was going to mention the Cubano at El Oriental, and the Pond, also! There's wonderful Latino takeout nearby, also - Pupusas at la Guanaca (sp?), chicken at Alex's Chimis...

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                i think Fiore's is a cut below the others mentioned. They have vegan offerings if that is useful. Canto 6 is my favorite bakery in Boston and it is a long stone's throw from a Franklin Park entrance. Totally agree on the goat in the garden (goat cheese arugula and roasted beets). Be sure to get a dessert there as well.

              2. I would say everyone has nailed it, though my personal favorite is real deal. It also has far and away the widest selection. I find cityfeed a bit overrated and excrutiatingly slow. Actually, one thing many of these places share (city feed, ula, real deal, canto6) is that they have possibly the slowest service you ever will find at a sandwich place. CF winds the prize as the slowest. It's actually hard for me to fathom why they are so slow. Possibly a combination of the JP approach to organizing your business (disorganized) combined with the hipster work ethic (very deliberate). Call ahead.

                Purple Cactus is faster but pretty mediocre for burritos, IMO.

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                  No, the slowest is by far Junebug in Hyde Square. A totally empty cafe, and a counter person looking completely stressed out as he/she takes 30 minutes to make your sandwich. Whaaaa?

                  My vote is for Ula. The turkey with guacamole, bacon and provalone is outstanding. And yes, picnic in a discreet area if going to the arboretum. Also, be sure to pick up all your trash (not that you wouldn't -- but I think that's the issue they have with people eating there)

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                    Thanks for all the tips. I went with Ula and split the sweet potato and the roast beef with my friend. The sweet potato was awesome and unique and the roast beef was....fine, nothing special. I will have to try City Feed, Real Deal and Canto 6 another time. As for our illegal picnic, a mounted cop passed us while we were picnicing on the grass and didn't say anything. Oops.

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                    Totally forgot about the slow service at City Feed but you are right. Particularly the Centre St location. I recently had a turkey sandwich from there; it was good, but once I added some cheese it was over 8 bucks and took about 15 minutes to get. Sort of annoying; I could have gotten a sandwich probably twice as big for less $$ over at Real Deal. The few times I have been there service has been perfectly fine.

                    I love Ula too but I don't think of it as a takeout place, it's got such great ambiance and is such a great spot.