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Where did Lee of Chocolee go?

I go to Chocolee periodically (love her and everything she does), but her shop has been closed for a couple of weeks now, with no sign indicating where she is--vacation, sick, or otherwise. And it looks like there are still chocolates just sitting in the case. I'm actually worried about her now. I've gone by 4 or 5 times in the past few weeks and she hasn't been in. Does anyone know what's going on?

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  1. I know she does some restaurant consulting, helping design dessert menus. Off on a gig, perhaps?


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      Hopefully. It just seems odd that she would be gone for this long and not at least leave a sign in the window....

    2. Hmmm, I'd be interested to know as well. I was planning on stopping by next Tuesday for some birthday treats for myself! I'll check back to see if anyone has an update!

      1. I love her fresh eclairs!

        1. She's taking some extra time off. It cuts down on the overhead. She'll reopen. Call first.

          1. I have spoken to her publicist and Lee is fine, just been really busy with sales calls, deliveries, wholesale meetings, etc. Sometimes when Lee is downstairs making chocolate, it may look like it is closed but it is not. A phone call found her open. So if you are concerned, just call before stopping by.

            1. She was there yesterday, 5/15.

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                fabulous, thanks. I went by on saturday and she wasn't there, but the nice woman who helps her was there. I know Lee works all the time, but I hate to knock when the sign says closed! This week would be perfect timing for a mousse-sickle!

              2. Sobs. Now Lee is actually gone. All chocolate, signs, giant whisks and bowls- everything- is gone. Now there are bright pink walls and a pink chandelier, it's apparently going to be a costume jewelry showroom. If anyone knows where Lee has gone, please post. Thanks.

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                  Lee is looking for a new space, but is still making chocolates. You can contact her/place orders through her FB page or via the e-mail address on her website.

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                    What would that web site be? Is she still making her fabulous eclairs?

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                    What a shame. I was in the neighborhood just a week and a half ago and stopped by - although it appeared to be closed at the time, I could see there were chocolates in the case, and the whisk, signs, etc. were still in place.

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                      Anyone have any update on where she is going to end up?

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                        Lee is moving into the Haley House Bakery location sometime around mid March!

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                          I meant to mention this. I'm very sad this little bakery is closing, they have some of the best choc. chip cookies in Boston and I'm more likely to be there than Dudley Sq. Oh well, glad Chocolee has a place again.

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                            Visited Chocolee's new home at 23 Dartmouth Street this weekend, and the chocolates were as good as ever. Along with a few pieces of chocolate almond bark, I also tried her chocolate croissant for the first time (offered on weekends only). They made me swoon! The croissant itself was on par with Clear Flour's, but it was the generous filling of top-notch chocolate that put Lee's over the top. Even my non-chocolate-loving boyfriend couldn't resist. He ended up eating half of it! We'll have to get two next time...

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                              I also stopped by Chocolee a week or so ago, and was disappointed. The chocolate croissant was dry and the filling was meager, especially compared to the last chocolate croissant I had crossed paths with (at Quebrada). We tried a few of their chocolates, which I laud for their creative flavor combos, but the flavors didn't always blend well. I love cardamom, and the cardamom-chocolate just tasted off. The salty caramel was okay, and the sesame caramel was pretty delicious. For the price, though, I wasn't blown away with what we got.

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                                Wow, tigerswims, sorry you were disappointed in my favorite chocolate place. My experience with the croissants, which I tried for the first time a couple weekends ago, was much more like ilovedessert's. I thought the croissant itself was one of the best I've had and the chocolate inside just the right amount. My weekend-only favorite there though are the chocolate beignets, made to order--they are to die for. Of the chocolates, I love the salted caramels, which I think are perfect, though I do know other folks who don't like the salty aspect.

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                                  Yes, I'm also disappointed that tigerswims did not have a great croissant experience. I visited in the late afternoon, so I can't imagine it was in an issue with staleness. I'll certainly visit again and see if there are consistency issues.

                                  Ditto on the beignets, nandrew! I was actually went with the intention of getting beignets but got sidetracked by the croissants when I walked in. They are heavenly but messy, which is why Lee will hand you extra napkins. (Apparently, a lady once made the mistake of eating her beignets while wearing a fancy white shirt, and it did not end well.) I will have to try the salted caramels soon!

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                                    Let me know what you think. Tell Lee the "Salted Caramel Lady" told you to try them!

                    2. Saw this on yesterday's boston.com and Daily Candy - Boston:

                      Chocolate-Making Classes: Lee Napoli of Chocolee Chocolates is willing to share the secret of her warm chocolate beignets, but you'll have to attend this class. School on Saturday will be sweet since you'll go home with a pound of candy you make yourself (valued at $48). The lesson plan includes tempering chocolate, using molds, making fillings, flavorings, and nut barks. 10 a.m.-1 p.m. (ongoing). $80 (reservations required; recommended for ages 13 and older). Chocolee Chocolates, 23 Dartmouth St., Boston. 617-236-0606. chocoleechocolates.com

                      I've been calling and no one answers. I've left 3 messages and nothing. Not the best way to conduct business.

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                        Last Thursday afternoon, I finally got over to 23 Dartmouth St and it was locked and dark.

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                          Visited the shop the 2nd week it opened earlier this summer and the door was locked with about 6 people inside, including the owner. She was gracious enough to come out and tell us she was having an a/c problem and her chocolates were melting. The people inside were friends. She proceeded to give my friend and I a bag of chocolate croissants and some chocolate covered strawberries. She apologized and told us to come back again.

                          I went back about 3 weeks later and found the shop closed. Tried a couple more times during the rest of the summer and was never able to try to croissants again. I double checked the website to make sure I was visiting during the right hours and I was.