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May 15, 2009 06:03 AM

Best place to buy meat in Flushing area?

I'm visiting my parents this Sunday in Flushing (they live in Electchester) and am planning on using the opportunity to stock up on meat. My parents don't keep kosher but they have a general knowledge of the shopping in the area and have mentioned Brach's, Mazur's and Supersol.

I am particularly interested in brisket and whole chickens since I just bought a charcoal smoker and those are the types of meat I am most interested in smoking, though some nice steaks (not for the smoker!) would be great too.

We may not get around to shopping until five or six in the afternoon so a place that doesn't close early on Sundays is a must. Where should we go for a combination of the best quality and prices?


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  1. If you could go to Brooklyn you could save yourself a bundle by going to Pik-N-Pay their current prices for the items that you mentioned are.

    Whole chicken $1.69/lb
    Glatt 1st Cut Beef Brisket $5.99/lb

    As to their rib steaks, two weeks ago they were selling them for $6.99/lb

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      Brooklyn is probably not in the cards. My father is sick and we live almost three hours away. We're trying to squeeze this all in while being back home in Southeast Ct. at a reasonable time.

    2. Mazur's has good quality meat; the prices are a bit on the high side. They are open until 7 PM on Sundays. I have not been to Brachs/Supersol in a long time, so I cannot accurately comment on them.

      1. Please keep us posted where you eventually go and what were the prices. I never did any food shopping in Queens, just here in the 5 towns and Brooklyn so I am curious what the prices there are. If prices are good enough I can make a day of it, since there are lots of kosher options on Main street for a Sunday brunch.

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          Will do.

          This is probably my last long-distance journey in search of meat. There is no kosher butcher in our town and the local Shop Rite just stopped carrying kosher beef (though they still have Empire and Vineland poultry). But a friend of mine just bought the Crown Market in West Hartford and they are going to start delivering to our area soon!

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            Mazur's is quite out of the way if you are going to Electchester; the stores on Main Street (Brach's, SuperSol, Wasserman's) are a five minute drive from Electchester. Wasserman's (directly across the street from Brach's, right next to the movie theater) is open almost round the clock; certainly 'til 11:00 PM or later, but Brach's and Supersol probably close in the 6:00 range (I'd call first, if that's where you are headed).

            1. re: queenscook

              I didn't know about Wasserman's. This is helpful, thanks.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Wassermans. Plus, as was mentioned, you can't beat the hours.