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ice cream/dairy stands and good italian ice

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I am planning on embarking on two missions this summer:
1) to visit as many ice cream stands in NJ or eastern PA as possible (I am talking about old school deliciousness ala jersey freeze NO coldstone or chains please!) that have not been knocked down to build jughandles or olive gardens and
2) to find the remaining italian ice places that make the ices at the shop. I am not talking RItas!

SO I am wondering if the Chowhounds have some good suggestions? Anywhere in NJ or within reasonable distance into PA is perfect! Thanks!

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  1. Try Springers in Stone Harbor, NJ.

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      Here's 2:
      'I scream U scream' Ice Cream Shop just moved into the cool old bank on the corner of Farnsworth and Walnut St in Bordentown City. You can eat inside the bank or there is a takeout window. They are sure to be packed this weekend for the Bordentown Street Fair. Last Friday night there was a line down the street! (Situated between Chowhound favorites, Oliver a Bistro and Under the Moon.)

      Avalon Freeze in downtown Avalon is old school awesome! Be prepared to wait inline if you go on a weekend night in the summer! No inside.

    2. Nothing beats DiCosmo's Italian Ices in Elizabeth, NJ. I grew up down the street from this place and my family's been going there as long as it's been open.


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        This place looks great! Cant wait to try it! Thanks

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          you should start with a plate of raviolis at spirito's up the street!

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            Never been to the Lighthouse in Red Bank, but live right down the road from it in Long Branch. Very tasty homemade ices but the fruity ones are noticeably better than the choco/vanilla etc...

          2. Jakes Creamy Freeze on Rt 33 in Millstone has delicious soft serve and the price is way less than most places.

            Old fashioned free standing building thats has been used in a couple of TV segments.

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              Here, here! We really like Jakes-Must get chocolate dipped! I don't have the exact address for a GPS, but the telephone number is 732-446-5305.

            2. Here's a year old thread that might help you with the ice cream part of your quest. Not all the places are 'old school' but many of them serve some serious ice cream.


              As I mentioned in the above thread, my favorite ice cream stand is The Polar Cub on Route 22 West, just before you get to Whitehouse Station. It's been there forever.

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                I will definitely put it on my list. Thanks.

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                  Thanks for posting this info - visited the Polar Cub today! Yummy!
                  Next time, even though it is not ice cream, want to try the dipped banana with peanuts.

                2. Gil & Bert's in Cranbury, NJ on Main Street has good ice cream. Decent variety of flavors, a few bences outside to sit and enjoy. The prices are very reasonable too.

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                    Disclosure - we own and operate an Ice Cream and Italian ice store in Sea Bright called Gracie and the Dudes. We make all ice cream and Italian ice on site. Our Italian ice is actually sorbet, but if we call it that then less people buy it. Our fruit flavors are made with three ingredients: fruit, sugar, water. We do not use any high fructose corn syrup or artificial color or flavor. Check it out! 1062 Ocean Ave. And it's funny you should mention Rita's because we used to own and operate one, but decided we wanted to offer a better, more natural product.

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                      I'm already planning a trip to try your place. :)

                  2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/552462

                    Looks like they are opening under a different name on Washingtione street in Toms River.

                    1. Here's an old posting that will give you many ice cream stands
                      for the best ice's - I am still hooked on the ice's at Strollo's Lighthouse Red Bank, Long Branch and Pt. Pleasant
                      and finally one very good ice cream shop that serves hard ice cream, soft ice cream, ice's and some sugar free ice cream. Huge servings at inexpensive prices Milltown Ice Cream Depot - 87 Washington St. Milltown ~ just be careful about what you order. Small's are 3-4 scoops for about $3. Their ice's are also good and they'll mix soft ice cream with Ice.

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                        You are not kidding about the portions at the Milltown Ice Cream Depot.
                        The 'baby' size was MORE than enough for me, one size up, the Small was HUGE!
                        Have not been here in about 20 years!

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                          told you..............their portions are huge and inexpensive - we share a small
                          there is better ice cream - just not around here.

                      2. On the corner of Route 38 at 206 in Southhampton, NJ there is a quirky custard stand. It's been there for years and it is a soft ice cream and electronic repair store. Go figure.
                        Anyway, they have great soft ice cream, probably some of the best I've ever had. And, they usually have several kinds of soft, not just vanilla and chocolate. It's called The White Dot Ice Cream and Electonic store'. Worth a stop if you're ever in the area.

                        1. Mentos in Ventnor makes really good Italian ice. They make the ice at the shop, and have some pretty interesting flavors. I always liked the lemon best as a plain ice, but if I am getting a gelati I like the mango.

                          1. Yardley Ice House in Yardley, PA (right across from Trenton) -- awesome water (Italian) ice and cream ice! Especially the cream ices... you will not be disappointed!

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                              I'm kinda surprised that no one has posted Sundaes yet- it's located in Berlin (close to where the old circle used to be) and it has really good water ice- the best part about it are the pieces of fruit!- and I am pretty sure that everything is homemade. Its a small place with a drive thru- I highly recommend taking the time to step inside (all the lovely smells will be worth it!)

                            2. These places are all above New Brunswick, NJ.

                              For Ices/Water Ice

                              DiCosmo's in Elizabeth
                              Ralph's of Iselin originally: http://www.ralphsices.com/about.htm
                              Clyde's in Garfield: http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/20...

                              For Soft Serve:

                              Cliff's Ice Cream in Ledgewood: http://www.cliffsicecream.com/

                              For Hard/Hand Dipped:

                              Again, Cliff's
                              Bischoff's in Teaneck: http://offthebroiler.wordpress.com/20...

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                                Cliff's is great!
                                A good stop on the way to the Poconos.
                                Know this is a little off the wall, but they have Smurf Ice Cream there! LOL

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                                  Van Dykes in Ridgewood.
                                  Guernsey Crest in Paterson.
                                  Not so fond of Curly's in Riverdale

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                                    A second vote for Van Dyke's - haven't been there in a few years and wasn't sure it
                                    was still open. If you get there and it's still in "season" , try the cantaloupe. I had it
                                    last time I was there and it was as good as I remembered from my "youth" - that
                                    doesn't happen often.

                                2. Was excited to find yesterday that in addition to the Princeton Location
                                  Halo Pub also has a store front
                                  4617 Nottingham Way
                                  Hamilton Square NJ

                                  FYI this location opens at 3PM

                                  1. The Country Cow on Inman Ave. in Colonia.

                                    1. Applegate Farms in Freehold on Main Street across from the shopping strip with DuSals in it. Homemade ice cream, don't know if it is made right there but it rocks! They have so many flavors and everything I've had has been excellent. They have interesting flavors too - not just Rocky Road and such.


                                      They make the best homemade ice cream in that area. We also love Jersey Freeze on Route 9 and Route 33 in Freehold.

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                                        Ralph's Ices in Staten Island has always been my favorite.


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                                          Tried Applegate Farms had the Hot Chocolate Ice Cream and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie, they were good.

                                          Shared the Cookie Explosion Sundae at Jersey Freeze now that ROCKS!

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                                            Shabbystorm my fav at JF is the Peanut Butter Malted!!! OMG!!!!

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                                              Would you mind sharing what was in the Cookie Explosion Sundae? Always on the hunt for new ideas!

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                                                It is Ice Cream - pick your flavors - chocolate chip cookies - hot fudge - caramel and chocolate chips. HUGE and EXPENSIVE but more than enough for Two earthlings to share.

                                          2. Mapleshade Custard Stand in South Jersey! This place offers unbelievable soft serve and generous, quality toppings. And believe me, you absolutely cannont beat the prices! They also offer stellar water ice.

                                            1. Frostee Freeze on North Ave. corner of Lincoln, on the Cranford-Garwood border, for soft serve. One of the last non DQ's left, and its really good (unfortunately, they close for the season on 10/15).