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May 15, 2009 05:53 AM

Check out the Austin Chronicle Favorite Restaurant Poll for 2009

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  1. After reading that list, I think I'll stick to the recommendations on Chowhound.

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    1. re: brattpowered

      No kidding. The Reader's Choice is sickening.

      1. re: El General

        Wanna grab a Starbucks and a Chuychanga?

        1. re: brattpowered

          I'm convinced this has to be rigged! Olive Garden mentioned for best salad dressing? However, I read the Chronicle reviews and have vowed to stop once they actually said that Screaming Goat had good al pastor. Eastside Chronicle, look into it.

    2. I agree with all of you, lots of the things on the list did NOT seem to belong.

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      1. re: nyc_girl13

        Oh, no, they belong. Trust me on this one.

        In Texas the choices for "best" are going to be much different than in NYC, LA, Chicago, etc.. Texas is where the chain restaurants are king! In Fort Worth's poll...Olive Garden is consistantly #1 for Italian. Which isn't surprising, because most Italian restaurants here are just pathetic.

        The sadest thing about this is Austin has some amazing restaurants.

        1. re: FoodChic

          That is true, but I hold Austin to a higher standard for things like this because we have such great, unique restaurants and have been a pretty physically fit city as a whole. So I guess I was just saying that some of those disappointed me.

          1. re: nyc_girl13

            You're absolutely right, nyc_girl. Austin is better, but it is still Texas. :-)