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May 15, 2009 04:41 AM


So I was watching Survivor and I got a hankering for a Rodizio (Brazillian Steak House where they bring the meat to your table...). Are there any in the FFLD or Westchester County areas? Are they any good?

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  1. There is one in Port Chester. I think it's now called Copacabana. We went there a couple of years ago when it first opened and thought it wasn't as good as it's predecessor. They only had the rodizio (all you can eat) on the menu which is expensive, no simple menu items to choose from. Has anyone been there lately?

    1. There used to be one in Scarsdale/Edgemont on Central Ave. I am not sure if it is still around. Check it out. It had been pretty good, but in truth, I haven't lived on that side of the county for a while and rarely go there now.

      1. My views:

        Copacabana: expensive, low quality meat, service awful, generally a waste of your hard earned $$$

        Braseiro Churrascaria (Scarsdale/Central Ave): pretty much the same. I would say for your rodizio fix, go into NYC. AT elast you'll get what you pay for!

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          Do you know where I can get coupons for any of these places?