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May 14, 2009 10:08 PM

Bakudanyaki - more Japanese street food! (Vancouver)

Well... technically, Richmond.

I've been reading that there's a new Japanese-style street food option in our city. Tenku Bakudanyaki is a mobile kitchen / food truck located at Gilbert Rd. and Elmbridge Way in Richmond that serves up bakudanyaki. From what I'm reading, bakudanyaki looks like large tennis-ball sized portions of takoyaki (ingredients include octopus, shrimp, rice cake, cabbage, squid, sausage and quail egg). They have a bunch of different topping flavours, including curry, chili mayo, mustard mayo, wasabi mayo, and pizza. Each order is $5.

I haven't tried yet but I plan to on my next trip. They had me at "Mr. Quail Egg". mmm...

Curious to see if anyone's tried it yet.

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    1. It's essentially a giant takoyaki ball. It's pretty great considering that with the size that they make, you'll get a nice caramelized outside and a gradient of textures of the mochi dough towards the gooey rich. It's a really fun thing to eat.

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      1. re: jecolicious

        That sounds awesome. I am a big sucker for mochi (or Mr. Mochi, as per the website listing of ingredients).

      2. Nice! I too will have to give this one a go.

        1. Wow! Good find! This sounds like it's going to deserve a bike ride to Richmond.

          1. just wondering if any of you have given this a go and what the verdict was. is it worth the trip? :) thanks

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            1. re: sumashi

              Not yet. Have you seen Chowtimes' report on it?

              If your time is short here in town, I probably would pass.