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May 14, 2009 09:35 PM

Edmonton Favourite Weekend Eats

Hi Edmonton ChowHounders,
Coming in from Calgary for the long weekend and looking for some suggestions on where to eat. We are staying at the Matrix on Whyte Ave, but wouldn't mind cabbing or walking for good eats. Looking for brunch/lunch suggestions and good places for dinners. Price is not really a concern, but a fun atmosphere is a must. We are very flexible on types of cuisine. If anyone is familiar with Calgary restaurants, we love Tribune, Divino, Sugo, Jaro Blue, Diner Deluxe fro breakfast and Farm for lunch. Would love a cool Tapas place to get late-night drinks and snacks. Thanks so much for your help!
P.S. Trying to get into eating more local food, so any place that used local ingredients would be a really plus. Also, I hear in Edmonton you get much more variety of local produce so that would be great to try!

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  1. Saturday 8:00am to 3:00pm - Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market - 10310 83 Avenue - lots of local produce and within walking distance of your hotel. There's coffee and a bit of hot food available too, but you may want to grab breakfast somewhere else first.

    Edmonton's downtown farmer's market, the City Market, opens this Saturday as well. It's just north of Jasper Avenue on 104th Street from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. A lot of people will go there and have brunch at the Blue Plate Diner right next to the market (I personally prefer to eat elsewhere but I know a lot of people here are fans and I am in the minority).

    Atmosphere - Dadeo on Whyte for cajun and retro, Urban Diner downtown for retro (good brunch but not creative like Diner Deluxe), Cafe de Ville downtown for a fancier brunch, Suede Lounge for tapas and lounge (geared more for older adults in their late 20s or 30s), Hundred Bar and Kitchen downtown for tapas and lounge, Famoso for great Neapolitan pizza - downtown location is brick and wood, southside location is a little more contemporary. Leva near the university for coffee, baked goods, and some lunch fare made with local ingredients, Culina Mill Creek has brunch and dinners, High Level Diner has both also but is popular for brunch.

    For more restaurants that serve local I believe most if not all of the places associated with Original Fare make an effort to do so: http://www.originalfare.com/

    I'm sure others will chime in with more suggestions.

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      As a transplanted Edmontonian to Calgary, I really miss Dadeo......the oyster po'boys are the best I have ever had....but everything on the menu is fantastic. Its an Edmonton Institution. Go there.

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        Older adults in their late 20's or 30's?????

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          Well... all adults but I meant the kind who aren't 18 and looking for cheap booze to get drunk. :)

      2. I love diner deluxe in Calgary for breakfast! You should go to Culina for brunch on either Saturday or Sunday. You don't need a reservation, but I would make one anyway. I live in Strathcona, not far from your hotel, and it takes me about 20 minutes to leisurely walk there. Cabs would be pretty cheap too. Da-de-o for lunch or dinner would be nice - it is very casual, really more of a lunch place for me. As for dinner, there is nice sushi at Furasato (on Whyte) but otherwise, you'll have to cab it. The Red Ox Inn is fantastic, and it wouldn't be super far in a cab, and totally worth it. If you want a high end, experimental place, try the Blue Pear. As for a cool Tapas place...hmm...Edmonton is a bit behind on that front. I'm thinking the new Portuguese place on the boardwalk downtown or maybe the Wildflower Grill...anybody else have suggestions about this?

        1. Maybe I'm seeing this wrong, but isn't the Matrix downtown?

          Some great suggestions and I agree that you should walk around the Strathcona Farmer's Market. Dadeo's has great atmosphere and the sweet potato fries are a must. If you are thinking about stopping in at Culina (highly recommended), maybe stop in next door at Passa Tempo for some late wine indulgence. Furusato is one of my favorite sushi spots and it is worth the walk. Right near Furusato, you could dine on Ethiopian at Langano Skies or grab a hearty burger at Tasty Tom's.


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            Yeah, I think the OP meant the Metterra Hotel on Whyte (I think it's the same ownership as the Matrix downtown).
            I agree with the other posts on Dadeos, Culina, and Furusato. Also in the Whyte Ave area is Packrat Louies, which I really enjoy. Interesting menu, great wood fired pizza, and excellent service.

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              one place I have to disagree about it the market. If you are used to the Crossroads in Calgary ours does not compare (IMO), not worth the trip. The downtown market (outdoors) opens this weekend...which I just realized is too late, that would have been today.

              other thoughts:
              tapas: Suede, Tzin (both downtown)
              breakfast: new york bagel, sugarbowl, high level, culina (now open for sunday brunch) (all university area) leva or da capo for panini and caps
              dinner: wildflower, red ox inn, blue pear, culina (a must)

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              oops. you're right. sorry for the confusion.