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May 14, 2009 08:24 PM

Blue Mist Barbecue near/in Asheboro NC on 64 - wood pile outside

We got lost on a road trip for NC barbecue in the RTP area. That's OK. I know 64, so we came that way home vs I40.

I noticed Blue Mist Barbecue on the drive on 64 and that there was a wood pile out back. Yum. After two stops for cue, I was full. And, my jeans won't fit if I stop at all of them.

Did a Google and also looked here. Found a little info. From what I could gather, this is a wood burner of barbecue. There's maybe another branch in Randleman, NC. Main issue I saw noted was they allowed smoking cigs which I don't mind.

Anyone know Blue Mist?

I am wondering about the name.

Also, wondering about the food, of course.

My kid is in college up that way, so I can do 40 or 64. Asheboro has a fabuous bagel shop but only breakfast and lunch. So, I'm wondering about an early trip next time up there and try out Blue Mist and get some bagels to carry home.

Any thoughts or input?

Tks, Cyndi

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  1. I read about it in Holy Smoke and we stopped a few weeks ago after hiking in the Uwharrie Nat'l Forest. We were too sweaty to stay long in public so we got it to go and ate in the parking lot.

    We got a chopped plate and a few chopped sandwiches.
    They do smoke w/ wood. Meat is smoky but on the bland side before you put sauce on. I suspect that the pulled may have a bit more flavor in it. The sandwiches were generous in size but the meat on them wasn't as fatty as I might've liked. Sauce is very good, as was the slaw. Sides looked good but we didn't get any. Onion rings, in particular, looked great on a table I walked past.

    1. Good choice on 64 - that's a great drive, especially if you are sick of I40. Good roadside scenery.

      I like the Blue Mist very much. Although I can't say the barbeque is really memorable, it is very good and the atmosphere is definitely retro. It's cheap, too, and the only negative is as you mentioned - lots of smoking by the patrons and not the pitmaster (NC is poised to eliminate restaurant smoking, though). I like it better than Stamey's, Short Sugar's, and Smithfield for sure.

      They also have a old-school menu of non-BBQ items as well. We've eaten breakfast there and it was pretty good. Lots of "warmup, hon?" kind of local atmosphere. The name, the sign, and the 50s-style building alone make it worth a stop.

      We've passed on the Blue Mist the last couple of times because there's a Cook-Out just down the road that has indoor seating, self-serve drink refills, and manager specials (like 99 cent milkshakes) that I've never seen in the usual drive-through version. There's nothing like a barbeque or footlong tray with an orange pushup shake eaten INSIDE instead of slopping it all over my shirt in the car. Next time, though, Blue Mist for sure.

      1. My family has been going to the Blue Mist (or the "Tasty Pig" as my sister christened it when she was 3) since my mama was a little girl in the 50's. I love it, but I am clearly biased by family history! Can't wait to take my boys next time we're passing through. Wood smoked BBQ- YUM!

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          Thanks everyone! I do like the 64 drive. We'll definately plan to eat at the Blue Mist. It sounds like one we'd really like.

        2. I ate at the Blue Mist a couple of years ago when I was in the area to visit Seagrove. Here's what I wrote about it that night in an email to a friend.

          "Ahhh. The barbeque. It was a bust. I was sorta in a hurry Saturday afternoon and when driving through Lexington on 64 I didn't see any BBQ places and I didn't really have time to look around for any. So I get to Asheboro, check in to the hotel, and then head over to Seagrove. After that I stopped by a Books A Million and picked up a copy of Bob Garner's Guide to NC BBQ. I see in it that there's only one BBQ place in Asheboro - the Blue Mist. So I go there for dinner. In the beginning I thought it would be okay since there were a lot of locals there. Well, from what I could see they were all locals. I ordered a chopped BBQ plate. It came and the Q was okay. Not great, but okay. There was a fly in my tea and I think that colored my whole experience there. The coleslaw was pretty good. The hush puppies okay. I still don't understand the whole hushpuppies with BBQ thing in NC. But I like them anyway so I'm good with it."

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