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May 14, 2009 08:08 PM

Are you kidding me? Hell's Kitchen finale (SPOILER!!)

I don't get the reasoning behind giving it to Danny. He's young, cocky and wanted mounted fish on the walls. I thought that showing your cooking chops throughout the season, winning challenges, performing consistently well should be more important than the one who "learned the most" - although that is true about Danny. I still think Paula should have won, hands down. His restaurant looked like crap - and when GR was talking to him about it, it looked like Danny had no clue what Gordon was saying to him - the floors look like what??? LOL

And Lacey, I love to hate you. You are sooooo misguided. You have no clue what all this cooking stuff is about.

On to the next season!!

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  1. but L made for such good TV. I would have brought back Ji (surely her ankle was healed by then) but now that I think about it, it wouldn't have been fair to Ji.

    1. He made it! I'm glad he won. Because of Gordon Ramsay, Danny was given an amazing opportunity for exciting challenges and success. Congratulations!

      1. i agree totally. im still in shock over the results. Id go to Paula's restaurant first, easily, before Danny's.

        1. I long ago stopped caring about who won any of the reality shows I watch. If someone wins that I don't hate, I count it as a bonus. And this season of HK, I didn't hate either finalist.

          I find on most reality shows, the finale is usually the most boring episode. This was no exception. I think it took me 30 minutes to watch it. I FF'd through a lot of it.

          All that said, I have to say Paula's dining room was so much nicer. Danny, plastic fish? Really? I'm sure he won't have much input into the design at his new job.

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            sooeygun, me too - that ffd button is VERY well used on my remote. get it over with, tell me who won, enough filler bs.
            seemed like GR was trying to find something nice to say about Danny's design choices, but he did do a good job running his brigade. Guess his food was a little tastier? dunno. didn't really care who won.

          2. I was very glad Danny won. I think his taste in designing a restaurant is mostly a product of his young age and the fact that he hasn't been exposed much to the world, it's probably all he knows in his limited experience. Designing a restaurant has nothing to do with being able to be a good cook, jeez.

            I thought Paula was also a very good cook but had zero personality. Given their skills IMO were equal, personality is what set Danny apart from Paula, not whether or not he is a good interior decorator.